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Chinese Mainland Singer Wang Rong
    2006-03-27 17:32:17

In comparison, female singer Wang Rong is much luckier. Her first original song sent her well along the path to stardom. As Xiaohua tells us, several of her releases now enjoy great popularity on the Chinese Mainland and in Hong Kong.

You're listening to the 2002 song that made singer Wang Rong's name known throughout China. It was the title track of her debut album, "I'm Not Huang Rong". A smart young woman, Wang Rong sure knows how to market herself. The pronunciation of the singer's name, Wang Rong, is not easily distinguishable from that of Huang Rong, who is a popular heroin from the Chinese Kung Fu novel, "Legend of the Condor Heroes".  In the story, Huang Rong is much loved by the entire nation because of her Kung Fu, beauty, unmatched intelligence, and fairytale-like love of the condor hero, whom she calls Brother Jing. By drawing a connection with her, Wang Rong half jokingly and half sincerely expresses the wish of girls to emulate the heroin, saying "I'm not Huang Rong, I don't have excellent Kung Fu skills. All I want is the perfect love of brother Jing." The humorous lyrics and catchy tune, as well as its trendy hip-hop vibe, made this number a huge favorite of young people. Let's have a quick listen.

Wang Rong has such musical talent that she can sing any song after hearing it just once. She started writing songs for herself and other singers while in college. By the time she graduated she'd already had one song top the national radio music chart. Soon she released her first CD, and stepped into the spotlight. 

Last year, Wang Rong released her third album, "More Love" and aroused an even greater response, not only from Chinese mainland, but also among the picky listeners of Hong Kong. "Ah-Yah" is the most popular song from that album. Ah-Yah is Wang Rong's tagline. She habitually utters the exclamation whenever she comes across anything exciting, be it good or bad. In fact, many Chinese use this utterance to express shock, regret or excitement. In the song, Wang Rong uses the phrase with mixed feelings, as she's secretly in love with a man.

Fish Boiled In Spicy Soup is a favorite dish of the Chinese. Its hot and spicy flavor excites the senses. Some people have even grown addicted to it. This inspired the title of another of Wang Rong's hits.  "Fish Boiled in Spicy Soup" is a song that tells of the sweet and spicy feeling of a girl hotly in love. The traditional Chinese trichord gives a unique flavor to this hip-hop number from the album "More Love". Enjoy!

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