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Xiang Zhuang Wu Jian, Yi Zai Pei Gong
    2006-03-25 15:52:38

Interested in Chinese cooking? Know thedifference between Sichuan and Yunnan cuisine? In today's show, we will be takeninto the kitchen for some scrumptious Chinese cuisine. A brand new Chinese Idiomwill introduce you to ancient Chinese culture. And later in the program you willhear Folktales. This is China Kaleidoscope, only from CRI.

First, let's learn a Chinese word in Idioms and Their Stories:

Xiang Zhuang Wu Jian, Yi Zai Pei Gong(ׯ轣湫)

Xiang Zhuang performs the sword dance with the hidden intention of killing Liu Bang -- Act with a hidden motive

That was Idioms and Their Stories. Interesting, eh? China Kaleidoscope will continueafter this short break:

Welcome back. Coming up next, our Cooking show. If you want to enjoy deliciousChinese food, have your pen ready now! Let's go.

Oh Sounds good. If you are interested in this cuisine but haven't written itdown, you can log on to our website at and click the Culture linkto listen the program again. That's, and click Culture.

Now it's time for Folktales.

Hailibu the Hunter

With that, we conclude this edition of China Kaleidoscope. Hope you've enjoyed it.If you have any questions or suggestions for our program, you can write to us at:Nairobi Bureau of China Radio International, P.O.Box: 60829 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.Or if you have internet access, you can join our online forum at,or just drop us an email at: Thanks for listening!

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