Chinese Swimmers Look For Olympic Gold
2003-12-21 20:53:47
Chinese swimmers have set their goals for next year's Athens Olympics.

They are striving for at least one gold medal in the women's events, and top eight finishes for the men's.

These goals were revealed after the national short-course swimming championships in Shanghai last weekend.

Although over a dozen national records were broken at the tournament, Chinese swimming officials say the Olympic pool is going to be a hot place to compete,

Zhao Ge is head coach of the Chinese national team,

" Swimming powerhouses like Australia have put in a number of record-breaking performances recently, which means our Olympic hopes lie down a tough road ahead."

China failed to grab a gold medal at the Sydney Games.

Zhao Ge says Chinese swimmers are hopeful of winning gold in women's breaststroke, 200-meter freestyle and relay events.(Yang Binyuan) 

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