Muliang Wenwang¡ªA New Experiment on Chinese Folk Music
2003-11-8 12:32:52
This piece of music is from an album entitled Muliang Wenwang, which is also the name of the band that composed and performed it. This piece is called Haotiangu, or Drum of Boundless Sky. The beginning of the music sounds a little bit casual and indifferent until the yangqin, or dulcimer joins in.

Although Dou Wei's music can be relatively quiet compared to some others' works, or even to his own previous works, our imagination tells us there is something rich and abundant here. The music sometimes sounds like it's telling you a story, sometimes like it's conveying the deepest feelings of the musician to the listener, and sometimes, it's like painting a beautiful picture right before your eyes. It's a mighty and challenging experiment. That's why it has been recognized as one of the most representative new Chinese Folk albums of recent years.

Some different sound effects are added into the music, which, in several pieces even overpower the sound of the musical instruments. Missing Bamboo is an example.

If you listen carefully to this album in its entirety, you'll be surprised to find that each piece contains a unique creativeness and novelty. Wang Xiaofang and Wen Bing produce an air of classical music by using the dulcimer and some other traditional Chinese instruments, in addition to the keyboard, while Dou Wei fully displays his talent across instruments by playing the electric piano, drum and gongs, clarinet, keyboard and dulcimer in different pieces. In next piece we'll be listening to how Dou Wei cooperates with the other two players with the electric piano. The melodies given out by dulcimers and the electric piano are like two gentle curves intertwined with each other, making the audience feel warm and comfortable. And the later joining of the drum brings the music into an even broader space.


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