Muliang Wenwang¡ªA New Experiment on Chinese Folk Music
2003-11-8 12:32:52
This piece of music is from an album entitled Muliang Wenwang, which is also the name of the band that composed and performed it. This piece is called Haotiangu, or Drum of Boundless Sky. The beginning of the music sounds a little bit casual and indifferent until the yangqin, or dulcimer joins in.

  The band Muliang Wenwang was established in 2002 by Dou Wei, one of the most famous rock music pioneers on the Chinese mainland. The other two members of the band are Wen Bing and Wang Xiaofang, and it's their surnames which form the latter part of the band's name, Wenwang. Muliang is the pet name Dou Wei's mother used to call him by as a little boy. And that explains the title of this newly established band, which exists to carry out experiments on the creation and performance of some novel forms of traditional Chinese music. The piece we'll hear next is called Beijing Tune, a name imported from a piece found in Peking Opera.

The music on this album displays Dou Wei's outstanding talent. Under the inherent style of traditional music, he has uncovered and even created many more ways of expressing feelings and emotion. Born in 1964 in Beijing, he was once the lead vocalist in the rock band Panther and was regarded as one of the most successful rock musicians on the Chinese mainland. However, just as he and his band were reaching their peak, Dou Wei left Panther to explore other creative avenues.

Listening to the Muliang Wenwang album, people who are familiar with and concerned about Dou Wei's music find that the musician has experienced a shift during the past ten years from an enthusiastic rock singer to a musician seeking his peaceful muse. He tries to lead the audience and other musicians together with him into a world of purity and quietness with his music. Such a change started right back at the beginning of 1990s when he left the rock band Panther. In the years that followed, his experiments on the creation of new style music led to many albums, like Sunny Day, Mountains and Rivers, Acousma, Sighing of Rain, and Muliang Wenwang. Let's enjoy another piece of music from this latest album, this one's called Red Chamber and Water Pavilion.


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