From Pension to GDP: the Government's New Year Resolutions
China's ministries have rolled out plan to address China's longstanding societal and economic challenges.
University Graduates Inflate Resumes to Get Job Interviews
University graduates inflate resumes to get job interviews.
Difficult to Rent in Beijing for Expats
Expats say apartment-hunting is difficult in Beijing.
Bad Gifts to Give to Friends
Bad gifts to give to friends.
The Legend of Miyue
The Legend of Miyue received more criticisms than compliments from audiences.
More Female Scholars Are Being Lost: Survey
It's been reported that as men and women climb the academic ladder, more female scholars throw in the towel along the way.
How Long Can Overseas Returnees Recover Study Investment?
A blue book on the development of China's overseas returnees has been published by the Center for China and Globalization.
Guys Carrying Bags for Girls
Filial Piety Fund
An unusual policy by a company in Guangzhou where employees are made to give 5% to 10% of their salary to their parents has sparked debate online on filial piety.
Tsinghua University Opens US Campus
Nirvana in Fire
Choosing Best Living Places for Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs are the favorite and most commonly seen pets for people. But cats and dogs have different requirement for a living environment.
Post-doctorate Student Receives Plastic Surgery
A post-doctorate student won a free plastic surgery in a reality show organized by a cosmetics organization. He said the surgery has fulfilled his long-cherished wish, which has triggered criticisms from netizens.
Scenic Spots in China Raise Ticket Price Again
This year has seen another price increase for many tourist spots in China as many of them have kept prices unchanged for the past three years.
Chinese Sci-fi Wins Hugo Award
The Three-Body Problem, a science-fiction book written by Chinese author Liu Cixin, has won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the first Chinese science-fiction book winning the award.
Qingdao Airlines Restrict Weight of Airhostesses
Recent media reports revealed that Qingdao Airlines have strict restrictions of the weight of in-service airhostesses, for the safety of flight and better service.
Fitness Industry Booming
Breaking a sweat in the gym has become an after-work routine for many. Actress Yuan Shanshan who recently posted online a photo showing off her slender waistline has won her legions of new fans.
Fan Bingbing Joins Forbes' List of Hollywood's Biggest-earning Actresses
Chinese A-list star Fan Bingbing is the only non-American in Forbes' list of the world's highest paid actresses of 2015.
Tip or not Tip Tour Guides?
China's National Tourism Administration released a guideline on protecting the rights of tour guides, encouraging companies to introduce reward systems and for customers to pay gratuities.
Zhejiang University's Freshmen Encounter 'Astounding' Test Again
244 freshmen that have already enrolled to Zhejiang University encountered these unusual questions in a test which decides their fate to enter the best college in the university or not.
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