GDP figures of 12 Chinese cities exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2016
The number of Chinese cities with GDP figures that exceeded one trillion yuan ( 146 billion USD) increased from ten to twelve in 2016, China News Agency reports.
More new energy vehicle models eligible for subsidies in Beijing
Authorities in Beijing have updated the number of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) that are eligible to receive subsidies, Beijing Daily reports.
Beijing in new energy taxi move
Beijing is aiming to gradually replace its petrol-powered taxis with greener, new engergy vehicles to help reduce air pollution starting from this year.กก
Huawei to sell new smartphone in Japan
The Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced plans to sell its new smartphone product in Japan, according to the Japanese financial media Nikkei.
Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region drives up demand for cruise tours
Authorities in Tianjin are pointing to a regional integration strategy as one of the factors behind a sharp rise in the demand for cruise tours out of the city.
NBA legend Yao Ming to lead China basketball body, aiming at reforms
Yao Ming, former Houston Rockets player and NBA Hall of Fame member, has been elected as the new president of the Chinese Basketball Association(CBA).
'Readers' renews literary fanfare among TV viewers
The weekly program invites people from all walks of life to choose their favorite pieces of literary works, either by others or themselves, and read aloud excerpts from their selections. The readers also share their life stories and how their chosen works have impacted them.
China eyes tougher air pollution controls in Beijing, nearby regions
China will impose tougher controls on air pollution in Beijing and nearby regions this year to combat heavy smog, closing illegal plants and slashing steel production, a senior environmental official said Wednesday.
Insurance industry should not be "rich man's club": regulator
China's insurance regulator has vowed to crack down speculators in the industry and stabilize the market. The regulator said it will not allow the insurance industry to become a "rich man's club", adding that insurers should carry responsibilities for the society, the public and the real economy.
China to build 50,000 football schools by 2025
Original plans to have 20-thousand schools created specifically for football by 2020 have now advanced, with authorities saying they expect to have 20-thousand football programs operational at schools before the end of this year.
Chinese firms recruiting in UK
An increasing number of Chinese businesses are recruiting British workers, for roles based in the UK.
Nobel laureate, Turing Award winner become Chinese citizens
Nobel laureate Chen Ning Yang and Turing Award-winning computer scientist Andrew Chi-Chih Yao have given up their foreign citizenships and become Chinese citizens, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced on Tuesday.
Night vision cameras in cinemas raise hot debate on privacy
It's dark inside the theatre, but night vision cameras can catch every move you make, as clear as daylight. An insider has revealed the use of the cameras in dark theatres and the subject has raised intense debate among netizens. Night-vision video clips posted online have even shown intimate moments between moviegoers in China.
China continues blue alert for cold front
The National Meteorological Center (NMC) renewed its blue alert for a cold front on Tuesday, forecasting low temperatures in the country's northern and western regions.
2nd carrier almost complete
China is close to completing its second aircraft carrier, which will begin service by 2020, experts said.
China's H7N9 bird flu mutates, no immediate added threat to human
The H7N9 bird flu has mutated to a new strain in south China, which is proven more dangerous to poultry but poses no new threat to humans, the country's disease control and prevention authorities said Sunday on its website.
China remains leading growth market for South African tourism industry
China remained the leading growth market for South Africa's tourism industry, with year-on-year growth recorded at 38 percent last year, figures released on Monday showed.
Former Beijing deputy Party chief sentenced to 13 years in prison
Lyu Xiwen, former deputy Party chief of Beijing, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for taking bribes on Monday.
China lodges representation with South Korea over denial of Chinese tourists' entry to Jeju Island
China has lodged a formal representation to the custom authority in Jeju, South Korea over the denial of entry to multiple Chinese tourists.
Absence of regulations casts shadow on China's booming UAV industry
Chinese experts and media outlets have called for the implementation of clear regulations on China's drone industry, as recent incidents stemming from unregulated flights have been deemed by many as a threat to the country's air safety.
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