Sea Monster, Another New Media Film Lands on ""
2015-11-02 10:43:12

The poster of Beach Rescue Team, a thriller directed by Dong Wei, was launched on "", on Sunday, November 1, 2015. [Photo: agencies]

"", one of China's leading online television and movie portals, has vowed to dedicate more to the development of the films that may not land at theatres, but are designed only for netizens.

A sea monster-themed movie is the portal's latest endeavor to tap the online market potential.

Xu Fei has more.


The Internet exerts growing influence on the film-making industry in China. Statistics from "" shows more than 400 movies had spread online by 2014, exceeding the number of movies that enter theatres per year.

In the year of 2014 alone, "" grossed 50-million yuan of RMB in box office earnings.

Looking ahead, Dou Lili, general manager with Project Investment of IQiYi Motion Pictures, is very confident about the future of low-budget movies only available online.

"We promote new media films which are made in line with the criteria set for those films available in theatres. I believe new media films will embrace a boom next year. In the meantime, it would receive good feedback both online and offline. New media films will make a step further in the near future."

Dou Lili made the statement at an activity that promotes a new media film "Hai Tan Jiu Yuan Dui Zhi Shi Ren Hai Guai", or literally translated into "Beach Rescue Team and Sea Monster". (海滩救援队之食人海怪)

The movie tells a story of many beautiful ladies mysteriously disappearing one after another on the scenic Moon Bay beach.

Dong Wei is the film director.

"The movie is of high quality, has handsome and beautiful cast. It contains high suspense moments."

Dong Wei is also the director of the film, "Running! Fan", or Ben Pao Ba Xiao Fan in Chinese ("奔跑吧小凡"), a movie designed only for netizens and launched on the Internet in May.

Wang Zi is a young actor, and he believes he would become more widely known following his portrayal of a weird and wonderful character in this thriller.

"The worst of all the director's restrictions is that it bans me from any intimate relationships with any girls, I had to make myself look sissy, much like a Geisha in the film."

Along with the lesser-known actors and actresses, the movie stars Eddie Lee from Hong Kong TVB in a main role and has fellow TVB veteran actor Joseph Lee Kok Lun in a supporting role.

The movie has become available on "" since Sunday.

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