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Lesson 059 Supermarket
超市, supermarket. 购物车, trolley. 请问,购物车在哪儿?Excuse me, where is the trolley? 入口,entrance. 收银台, cashier. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 058 What Do You Want to Buy?
What do you want to buy? 你要买什么?蔬菜,vegetable. 西红柿, tomato, 水果,fruit. 西瓜, watermelon, 肉,meat. 牛肉,beef. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 057 At a Restaurant
restaurant, 饭馆 or饭店. 请拿菜单来, Please bring me the menu. 一只烤鸭, a roast duck, 一碗汤a bowl of soup, and一碗米饭a bowl of rice.
Lesson 056 Revision of Asking Locations
在哪儿, at where. Where do you live? 你住在哪儿?Where do you work? 你在哪儿工作?Where do you study? 你在哪儿上学?
Lesson 055 Where Do You Study?
你在哪儿上学?Where do you study? 上学, go to school or study.  学生, student, University, 大学;Middle school, 中学;Primary school小学. All in today’s Chinese Studio. 
Lesson 054 Asking about Jobs
你在哪儿工作?Where do you work? 你爸爸在哪儿工作 Where does your father work? 工作 to work. 媒体,media. 银行, bank;  外企, foreign company. 
Lesson 053 Where Do You Live?
Where do you live? 你住在哪儿?住, to live.号, number, 楼,building. 门, entrance, 房间, room. 学校, school,饭店, hotel.
Lesson 052 Revision of Asking Questions
During this week we learned how to deliver a question in Chinese, both in the positive and the negative form. 她是老师吗?Is she a teacher?  今天你不去公司吗?Won’t you go to the company today? 长城, the Great Wall.烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera.
Lesson 051 Asking Questions (3)
Today we’ll learn more questions in the negative form. 医院, hospital. 长城, the Great Wall.  烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 050 Asking Questions (2)
Today we will learn to ask questions in the negative form such as, Won’t you go to the company today? 今天你不去公司吗 公司, company. 学校, school. 超市, supermarket.
Lesson 049 Asking Questions (1)
Today, we’ll learn how to deliver a question in Chinese. 她是老师吗?Is she a teacher? 您是医生吗?Are you a doctor? 他是护士吗?Is he a nurse?  All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 048 Revision
你有什么爱好?What’s your hobby? You can answer with either 喜欢 or 爱. 得 means have to. 我得减肥, I have to lose weight. 应该 means should. 你应该去睡觉。You should go to sleep.
Lesson 47 How to Say "You Should ..."
应该 means should. 去看病,go to see a doctor. 不用, no need; 午饭, lunch; 上网, to be or to go online.All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 46 Usages of "得"
我得减肥, I have to lose weight,我得节食, I have to diet, 我得运动,  I have to exercise.  All in today’s Chinese studio.
Lesson 45 What is Your Hobby?
What’s your hobby? 你有什么爱好?我爱唱歌 I love singing。我爱打乒乓球 I love playing ping-pong. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Lesson 44 Revision of the Usages of "的"
This week we’ve learned some useful expressions that signalize the characteristic and its relationship and with another one. For instance, 中国人, the Chinese;红苹果, red apple; 我的,mine. 谁的, whose. 请问,这是谁的书? May I ask, whose book is this?
Lesson 43  Usages of "的" (2)
Today we’ll continue talking about the Chinese character “的”.  我的爸爸→我爸爸, my father. 他们的老师→他们老师 Their teacher. 我们的公司→我们公司 our company.
Lesson 42 Usages of "的" (1)
Today we’ ll focus on the usages of the Chinese character “的”. 我的,mine. Tom 的, Tom’s. 我的书, my book. 谁的, whose. 请问,这是谁的书? May I ask whose book is this?
Lesson 41 Adjective + Noun
中国人, the Chinese person;女孩子, girl; 男孩子,boy; 203 房间, room No. 203 红苹果, red apple; 绿叶子,green leaf.
Lesson 40 Review of Saying Sorry
In this week, we learned how to say sorry - 对不起 or 抱歉. The response is usually 没关系 or 没什么. Then, we learned a popular phrase怎么了 means: What’s wrong with you? 你怎么了?What’s up with him? 他怎么了 And finally, we learned how to give a suggestion or ask for an opinion. ‘好吗’, 行吗, 可以吗, 怎么样, 好不好, which all mean ‘Is it OK?’.

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