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Lesson 175 咱们买哪种票?
M: OK! What kind of ticket shall we buy? 咱们买哪种票? Zan2men mai3 nei3 zhong3 piao4?
S: The cheapest! 咱们买最便宜的 zan2men mai3 zui4 pian2yi de.
Lesson 174 我们AA制
S: 你请客吗 ni3qing3ke4ma?
M: We'll go Dutch. 我们AA制。
Lesson 173 谁的生日宴会?
S: Which day is your birthday 你的生日是哪一天?ni3de sheng1ri4 shi4 na3yi4tian1?
M: Next weekend, Saturday 下周末,星期六 xia4 zhou1mo4, xing1qi1 liu4.
Lesson 172 What subjects does she like most?
S: What year will he graduate? 他哪年毕业 ta1 nei3 nian2 bi4ye4.
M: 他明年毕业 ta1 ming2 nian2 bi4ye4.
Lesson 171 The more expensive, the better.
S: The bigger, the better.
M: Dui4 le. 越大越好 yue4 da4 yue4 hao3.
Lesson 170 It's my birthday today
S: ML, have you bought a present? 你买了礼物没有?ni3 mai3le li3wu4 mei2 you3?
M: I haven't bought a present!我没有买礼物 wo3 mei2you3 mai3 li3wu4. Why should I buy a present?
Lesson 169 What subject do you like most?
S: What subjects does she like most? 她最喜欢什么学科 ta1 zui4 xi3huan1 shen2me xue2ke1?
M: Maths. 她最喜欢数学 ta1 zui4 xi3huan1 shu4xue2.
Lesson 168 He's a Doctor
S: One new thing. The measure word for hospital is 家jia1. This hospital,这 (zhe) 家医院, or, zhei4 jia1 yi1yuan4.
M: And 位,WEI, fourth tone, wei4, is used as the measure word for people such as doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.
Lesson 167 He goes to university
S: Who is this? 这是谁 zhe4 shi4 shei2?
M: 她是我哥哥的女儿 ta1 shi4 wo3 ge1ge de nv3er2.
Lesson 166 What is your job?
S: 陈女士,What is your job? 你是做什么工作的? ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1zuo4 de?
M: I'm a nurse 我是护士wo3 shi3 hu4shi.
Lesson 165 Family Members (3)
S: 陈女士,我听说你的丈夫是大夫 wo3 ting1 shuo1 ni3 de zhang4fu shi4 dai4fu.
M: 是的,我的丈夫是医生 shi4 de, wo3 de zhang4fu shi4 yi1sheng.
Lesson 164 Family Members (2)
那个小孩儿七岁 nei4 ge xiao3 hai2'er qi1 sui4. And remember ‘boy' and ‘girl'? nan2 hai2zi and 女孩子, or 男孩儿 nan2 hai2'er and 女孩儿 nv3hai2'er. And a little kid is 小孩子 xiao3 hai2zi, or 小孩儿xiao3 hai2'er
Lesson 163 Family Members (1)
S: Xie4 xie4. Are all your family home 你的家人都在家吗? ni3 de jia1ren2 dou1 zai4 jia1 ma?
M: 不, 他们都不在 ta1men dou1 bu2 zai4.
Lesson 160 How Old Are You?
M: 十八岁?Shí bā suì? I don't believe you 我不相信 wǒ bù xiāngxìn.
S: 你不相信吗 nǐ bù xiāngxìn ma? ok, thirty-seven. 三十七岁 sān shí qī suì.
Lesson 159 How Many Children Do You Have?
S: 您有没有孩子? Do you have children? 孩子 HAI ZI háizi, ‘child' or ‘children'.
M: So everybody say, This child. Hěn hǎo. 这个孩子 zhèi ge háizi.
Lesson 158 I’m Already Very Old.
M: 99. 我九十九岁 wǒ jǐu shí jǐu suì.
S: Now guess the meaning of this: 九十九岁 jǐu shí jǐu suì, 她已经很老了。Tā yǐjīng hěn lǎole.
Lesson 157 How Old Are You?
M: There are several ways to ask someone’s age. Here’s a common one. Stuart, 你多大了 nǐ duō dà le?
S: Twenty one 二十一岁 èr shí yī suì.
Lesson 156 It Seems Very Good to Eat!
S: It seems very good to eat! Kànqǐlái hěn hǎochī. 看起来很好吃!
M: 水果都很好吃。All fruits are good to eat. Shuǐguǒ dōu hěnhǎochī.
Lesson 155 What Color Are Apples?
M: Stuart, apples are what color? Píngguǒ shì shénme yánsède? 苹果是什么颜色的?
S: It's red. Píngguǒ shì hóngsède.
Lesson 154 Oranges, Grapes, Peaches and Pears
橙子、葡萄、桃子和鸭梨, they are all my favorites! Chéngzi, CHENG ZI, 橙子,is orange. Pútao, PU TAO, 葡萄,grapes.

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