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Chinese Movie: Gone With the Bullets

Set in 1920s Shanghai, the film is based on a true story. Ma Zouri (Jiang Wen) and Xiang Feitian (Ge You) establish a notorious beauty pageant called the "Flowers Competition." All of the city' s elite attend this gala event, but when Wanyan Ying unexpectedly wins, it sets into motion a series of tragic events that change their destinies.

Chinese Song: 中国话 Chinese
全 世 界 都 在 学 中 国 话,
quán shìjiè dōu zài xué Zhōngguóhuà.
The entire world is learning Chinese.
孔 夫 子 的 话 越 来 越 国 际 化。
k?ng fū z? de huà yuè lái yuè guójìhuà.
The language of Confucius is becoming increasingly internationalized.
Numerical Chinese Idioms
In the profundity of Chinese culture, numbers are not just numbers. They can convey many other meanings when used in Chinese idioms. Here are some idioms which include the numbers from one to ten. Let’s check them out.
8 Strange Things in Foreigners' Eyes
What are the things considered the norm in China but weird to foreigners? Some Forum readers share their opinions. You're also welcome to join the discussion.
Classic Chinese Love Poems
Love was often the eternal theme for Chinese ancient poems. Here are some pieces handed down over hundreds of years, which are nowadays still being quoted and continue to gain great popularity.
乡愁 Nostalgia
This is one of the most-famous poems written by Yu Guangzhong, a renowned writer from Taiwan. Entitled "Nostalgia", this poem vividly described the flesh-and-blood relationship between people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.
Ten Most Common Chinese Characters
Chinese is a language made up of individual characters (汉字 hàn zì). In total, there are tens of thousands of different characters. Here are ten of the most frequently used characters, with their pinyin, examples and their English translation.
平凡之路 The Ordinary Road
The song The Ordinary Road(平凡之路 píng fán zhī lù)the theme song of the popular movie “The Continent” directed by famous post-80s Chinese writer, Han Han, is going viral. It has gained such widespread popularity in no time at all since the movie’s release on July 24. The song mainly tells people’s unremitting pursuit of youth and dreams, in spite of the ups and downs on the road to the future.
Pronouncing Surnames of Chinese Celebs
The pronunciation of some Chinese character changes when they are used as a surname.
神笔马良The Magic Brush
The Chinese animated feature film, "The Magic Brush," based on a Chinese folklore story, premiered in Beijing on Tuesday night. The film is due to hit Chinese cinema screens this Friday. Hong Kong singer and actor Jacky Cheung sang the film's theme song, "Innocent Age."
小苹果 Little Apple
Little Apple 小苹果 (xiǎo píng guǒ) is the promotional song for the movie Old Boy: The Way of the Dragon 老男孩之猛龙过江(lǎo nán hái zhī měng lóng guò jiāng). Since its release on May 29, it has quickly attained great popularity in Chinese cyberspace, becoming it a widely-spread internet meme.
世界杯太太团 WAGs of 2014 World Cup
The world’s most watched game has been on for over two weeks in Brazil. With some of the most recognised names in the football world set to star on the field, here’s who they’re seeing while off the field.
What Lies behind Chinese Characters?
A photo recently went viral on the Chinese twitter-like social media platforms of Weibo and Wechat depicting a prediction for the outcomes of the FIFA World Cup using Chinese characters.
When English Meets Chinese
An English poem recently went viral on the internet because of its different Chinese versions. Sit back and enjoy the different styles, and maybe you’ll be impressed by the magic of the Chinese language.
How to Remember Polyphonic Characters
A handful of characters are "polyphonic,” as they can be read in different ways, and with different meanings, depending on the context. The different readings may differ only in tone, but sometimes they can have different initial sounds or different vowel sounds. A few have no phonetic similarity at all! Here are sentences helping you remember them.
Chinese Tycoon Learns from Lei Feng
Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao has taken out a full-page bilingual advertisement in the New York Times, inviting underprivileged Americans to a charity lunch and offering them cash handouts. Chen also placed a photo of himself in the ad alongside a picture of Lei Feng, a Chinese soldier who is celebrated as a selfless, model citizen. The title above the images reads, "China's 'Lei Feng for a new era.'"
揭秘世界杯球员奖金World Cup Salaries
Paycheck at the end of the week is something all employees look forward to, but what can players and referees—who will have all eyes on them on the world’s biggest stage—expect to see on their checks? Well, one might be surprised。
随它吧 Let it go
随它吧 随它吧
suí tā ba  suí tā ba
Let it go, Let it go
huí tóu yǐ méi yǒu bàn fǎ
Can't hold you back anymore.
旗开得胜 Waving Flag
旗开得胜 is Chinese version of the song "Waving Flag", which was composed for the World Cup 2010 South Africa. Chinese phrase 旗开得胜 literally means: Win victory as soon as one's banner is displayed or gain immediate success on the outset.
世界杯双语词汇 World Cup Vocabulary

[hòu wèi] 后卫: Back  [qián wèi] 前卫: Midfielder  [qián fēng] 前锋: Forward  [zhōng fēng] 中锋: Striker

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