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明日歌 Song of Tomorrow
Chinese Christmas Songs
一棵开花的树 A Blossom Tree
智取威虎山 The Taking Of Tiger Mountain
老男孩 Old Boys
nà shì wǒ rì yè sī niàn shēn shēn ài zhe de rén ā
I am deep in love with her .Thinking of her day and night.
dào dǐ wǒ gāi rú hé biǎo dá
But how can I express myself
Top 10 Chinese TV Dramas Overseas
"A to Z" of APEC Beijing meeting 2014

10 Chinese Idioms to English Equivalents
For those of you that have studied and practiced spoken Chinese long enough to communicate the basics but still struggle trying to convert common English idioms directly into Chinese then this is for you.
Facebook CEO Gives Chinese Q&A
At the Doctor’s
It is never nice to fall sick or ill in a strange country. What happens if you do and need to seek medical help? Let us provide you with some useful expressions in Chinese.
心花路放 Breakup Buddies
Based on a man's middle age crisis, the film follows a former singer and his best friend on a road trip to deal with the emotional aftermath of a messy divorce.
How to Order Food in Chinese
Whether you are on a short visit in China or planning to live here, knowing how to order food in Chinese is essential. Knowing some basic restaurant sentences can make the experience of eating out in China much easier.
黄金时代 The Golden Era
The whens, wheres and wherefores of Chinese writer Xiao Hong' s brief but influential life are exhaustively considered in the ambitious, lustrously mounted biopic "The Golden Era".
Shopping Sentences in Chinese
When you're shopping for clothes, food, or souvenirs, you can use the following Chinese sentences. They will be useful in a variety of shopping situations.
李娜退役告别信 Li Na's Farewell Letter
For close to fifteen years, we’ve been a part of each other’s lives. As a tennis player representing China on the global stage, I’ve trekked around the world playing hundreds of matches on the WTA tour, for China’s Fed Cup team, at the National Games and at several Olympic Games. You’ve always been there for me, supporting me, cheering me on, and encouraging me to reach my potential。
Top 10 Complaints of Chinese Girlfriends
Chinese women who are dating non-Chinese guys often express various issues which displease them – and the issues are mostly due to cultural differences and a lack of understanding. One of our forum readers from Pakistan sent us a list of what he considers the ten most common complaints of Chinese girlfriends.
对女性的各种时髦称呼 How to Address Her?
Time Expressions in Chinese
Time is very important when you travel in China. Learn some simple Chinese words will benefit a lot during your tour in China.

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