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Ready for Hiking
Nowadays, traveling has become the most popular form of relaxation. Armed with cameras and cash, many people just grab their backpacks and go hiking.
The Exam Season
China's gaokao(高考gāo kǎo), the nation-wide college entrance exam, is considered the most grueling and competitive of all. One Chinese saying likens the exam to “thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of horses squeezing through a single log bridge”(千军万马过独木桥).
A Year’s Plan Starts with Spring
No matter in what cultural contexts, spring is always considered a thriving season, inspiring literary men to compose many classic poems, romantic stories, as well as proverbs.
A Stubborn Man
Two or more sentences may be joined together by conjunctions. They are commonly used, but the usages often confuse beginners. Below is a dialogue containing a conjunction in each sentence. Check if you can use them correctly, and afterward we give you a list of useful conjunctions.
"Two Sessions" Period
Every early March, China's top legislature and political advisory body are meeting in the capital. Not only media has been devoted to covering "两会(liǎng huì Two Sessions)", but also ordinary people would like to discuss some concerned issues.
Modern Spring Festival
Spring Festival is traditionally a time for family reunions in China, and millions of Chinese make every attempt to return to their hometown for the weeklong holiday. However, traveling abroad has become a new trend to celebrate the lunar New Year.
Have You Got a Ticket?
The Chinese New Year is approaching, and millions of Chinese people are going back home to have a family reunion, which makes it extremely difficult to get a ticket. In this situation, people even have a new way of greeting each other: 你买到票了吗?(Have you got a ticket?
How Much is Your Year-end Bonus?
年会(nián huì) is an annual meeting held by most Chinese companies or institutes. The spectacular event aims at marking an end for the past year and inspiring employees to work harder in the coming new year.年会 is where people can enjoy a talent show from their colleagues, and sometime expect a bit more.
A New Intern
In a harsh job-hunting environment, Chinese graduates have to act before the arrival of the peak season: February and March. Many seek the chance to practice in their chosen companies at the end of the year.
Are You Serious This Time?
China has a rich culinary culture featuring numerous styles of cuisine, unique features and exquisite cooking methods. With beautiful colors, rich aromas and intense flavors, it is hard to resist the temptation of Chinese food. However, if you find it hard to say no, eventually you’ll have to pay for it, one way or another.
A Shopping Spree
November 11 is a date made up of four ‘ones’, and "Double Eleven" (双11) , known as Bachelor's Day (光棍节guāng gùn jié), has always been considered a special day for single men and women in China. Millions of shopping lovers are preparing for the shopping spree (购物狂欢节gòu wù kuáng huān jié) several days ahead of time.
Are You Reliable?
"靠谱(kào pǔ)" is a slang term commonly used on a daily basis by Chinese people. It literally means "to be reliable" or "to be worthy of trust" and is used to refer to a person or something that one believes to be trustworthy. Conversely, "不靠谱(bú kào pǔ)" means the opposite. When Xiao Li complains to Simon that his new colleague Lulu is an unreliable person, Lulu suddenly appears.
An Apple Fan
In Chinese, "果粉(guǒ fěn )" is short for "苹果粉丝" (Apple fans). Simon comments that Xiao Zhang is a true Apple fan because he keeps buying the latest versions upon their release.
A Homebody Girl's Golden Week
October 1st is the Chinese National Holiday. It is one of the most highly anticipated national holidays because lots of people can make plans for travelling during the 7-day allotted vacation time, thus it is also called 黄金周(huáng jīn zhōu; Golden Week).
He Eats Vinegar
When Da Wei plucked up the courage to talk to his object of affection, Xiao Lin, she turned her back on him. Simon feels sorry for Da Wei, and decides to find an opportunity to talk with Xiao Lin. In this episode, you will know what "eat vinegar" means and an interesting story about how it comes.
Lucky in Love
After greeting Simon, Da Wei can't help disclosing that he will "走桃花运zǒu táo huā yùn;" which literally means “to have peach blossom luck". This phrase refers to "being lucky in love”. In most cases, we only say that men will have "桃花运". To get a better understanding of the phrase, you can read a beautiful story about it.
Drink Joyful Spirits
Wedding banquets are an important part of wedding ceremonies in China. If someone is going to get married, he/she usually asks his/her relatives, friends and colleagues to attend a banquet in honor of such an event. Simon attended his friend Lily's wedding ceremony at the weekend and talks about it with Da Wei.
A Leftover Man
In China, there is a group of people who are highly educated, earn a descent income and maintain a good appearance, yet most of them are single even though they are in their late 20s or early 30s. These people are known as "剩男” (shèng nán) or "剩女” (shènɡ nǚ) in Chinese. Simon happens to meet one such person today.
Do Your Shoes Fit You Well?
As part of her pursuit for the "Golden Rice Bowl", Huihui gave up her "Iron Rice Bowl" privileges at a state-run enterprise. Simon meets up with her again a few weeks after she has been working in her new company, and he wonders how her new job is going.
What is Your Rice Bowl Made of?
Xiao Lin's younger sister Huihui graduated from a prestigious university two years ago. She had worked in a state-owned sector, but recently she quit. Simon is told that jobs in state-run enterprises are coveted in China; hundreds of thousands of students dream to get such a job. When Simon came across her, he couldn't help himself from asking the reason why she quit.

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