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Lesson 165 Hotel (1)
   2017-02-15 09:34:49    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: It’s a brand new week on Chinese Studio. Welcome to the show everyone. I’m Cam with my wonderful laoshi, Yajie.
YJ: Thank you Cam, last week we talked about vacations, and usually you need to book a hotel first.
Cam: Yes, I remember we learned the Chinese for hotel is-- fan dian. 
YJ: Right, this week we are going to learn how to book a hotel room in Chinese, and what to say when doing so.
Cam: Sounds useful. Let’s begin!

Key Words of the Day
“Can I help you?” 我能帮您吗? “I’d like to book a room.” 我想定一个房间“For how many days? 请问您住几天? ” I’ll stay for four days. 住四天 All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Yajie: So Cam, let’s say you call a hotel in Sanya on Hainan island and want to book a room. Do you know what the hotel clerk will say?
Cam: I know in English it’s Can I help you.
YJ: In Chinese it’s ok for you to say wo3 neng2 bang1 nin2 ma? 我能帮您吗?
Cam: wo3 neng2 bang1 nin2 ma?
YJ: wo3 means I,
Cam: wo3,
YJ: neng2 means could,
Cam: neng2,
YJ: bang1 means to help,
Cam: bang1,
YJ: nin2, is the polite form of ni3, which means you,
Cam: nin2,
YJ: ma, usually put at the end of a question,
Cam: ma,
YJ: wo3 neng2 bang1 nin2 ma?
Cam: wo3 neng2 bang1 nin2 ma? Can I help you?
YJ: but usually the hotel clerk will say “ni2 hao3” for short.
Cam: which simply means hello, I see.

Conversation 1:

Cam: Okay, so then I will tell them I’d like to book a room
YJ: Right… you would say…. Wo3 xiang3 ding4 yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1. 我想定一个房间
Cam: Wo3 xiang3 ding4 yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1.
YJ: wo3 xiang3, I’d like to do something,
Cam: wo3 xiang3,
YJ: ding4 means to book,
Cam: ding4,
YJ: yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1 means one room,
Cam: yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1
YJ: yi2 ge4 means one,
Cam: yi2 ge4,
YJ: fang2 jian1 means room,
Cam: fang2 jian1,
YJ: Wo3 xiang3 ding4 yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1.
Cam: Wo3 xiang3 ding4 yi2 ge4 fang2 jian1. I’d like to book a room.

Conversation 2:
A: 你好,
B: 你好, 我想定一个房间

YJ:  Then they may ask how many days you want to stay. In Chinese it’s 请问您住几天?
Cam: qing3 wen4 nin2 zhu4 ji3 tian1?
YJ:qing3 wen4 means may I ask,
Cam: qing3 wen4,
YJ: nin2 means you,
Cam: nin2, the polite form of ni3,
YJ: zhu4 means to stay in hotel,
Cam: zhu4,
YJ: ji3 tian1. how many days,
Cam: ji3 tian1,
YJ: tian1 means days,
Cam: tian1 How do I say I need to stay for four days?
YJ: You will say….住四天.
Cam: zhu4 si4 tian1. I know zhu4 means to stay in a hotel,
YJ: right, si4 tian1 means four days,
Cam: si4 tian1, as four in Chinese is si4,
YJ: then what if you’ll stay for three days,
Cam: I’ll say “zhu4 san1 tian1” as san1 means three in English,
YJ: very good. Zhu4 san1 tian1, I’ll stay for three days.

Conversation 3:
A: 请问您住几天?
B: 住四天

Key Words Reminder
“Can I help you?” 我能帮您吗? “I’d like to book a room.” 我想定一个房间 “For how many days? 请问您住几天? ” I’ll stay for four days. 住四天 All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: We’ve reached the end already. Time for our question of the day.
YJ: How do you say “I’ll stay for four days” in Chinese?
Cam:  See ya tomorrow!
Yajie: Ming tian jian.



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