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Lesson 183 Valentine (3)
   2017-02-13 09:45:12    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: Wo ai Yajie, and wo ai Chinese Studio. Welcome to the show everyone, wo shi Cam.
YJ: And wo shi Yajie. I see you are using your Valentine’s Words already!
Cam: I sure am… but want to learn some more!

Key words of the day
Chocolate. 巧克力  roses. 玫瑰花 candy 糖果. perfume, 香水. Valentine’s Card. 情人节卡片.  I’m taking you out for a candlelight dinner. 我请你吃烛光晚餐. All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: Yajie, we’ve learned a lot to do with Valentine’s Day this week… but I need to know words for presents. Like chocolates.
YJ: Chocolates is 巧克力
Cam: qiao3 ke1 li4.
YJ: it’s an example of similar pronunciation.
Cam: yes. Then some of the girls also like candies.
YJ: candy in Chinese is tang2 guo3,
Cam: tang2 guo3. Then of course Valentine’s card will not be excluded.
YJ: it’s qing2 ren2 ji2 ka3 pian4.
Cam: qing2 ren2 ji2 ka3 pian4.Valentine’s card.
YJ: we learned valentine in previous show.
Cam: Right. It's qing2 ren2 jie2 .
YJ: And ka3 pian4 means card,
Cam: ka3 pian4
YJ:qing2 ren2 ji2 ka3 pian4
Cam:qing2 ren2 ji2 ka3 pian4,Valentine’s card
YJ: and don’t forget to write on the cards all the sweet words we learned last time.

Conversation 1:

B: 当然是心型的巧克力了。
A: 还有呢?
B: 还有情人节卡片喽。

YJ: Girls also love roses.
Cam: Yes, they're sure do.
YJ: and roses in Chinese is mei2 gui1 hua1.
Cam: mei2 gui1 hua1
YJ: mei2 gui1 means rose,
Cam:.mei2 gui1
YJ: hua1 means flower,
Cam: hua1. since mei2 gui1 means rose, can I just say it without hua1,
YJ: sure. mei2 gui1, roses.
Cam: mei2 gui1. I know perfume would be another fantastic gift.
YJ: That’s a brilliant idea. it’s xiang1 shui3.
Cam: xiang1 shui3.
YJ:xiang1 means fragrant,
Cam: xiang1
YJ:shui3 means liquid,
Cam: shui3,
YJ:xiang1 shui3
Cam: xiang1 shui3, perfume.

Conversation 2:


Cam: Girls also like to be taken out for dinner.
YJ: especially it’s quite romantic to have a candlelight dinner.
Cam: then how do I say “I am taking you out for a candlelight dinner” ?
YJ: in Chinese you can say 我请你吃烛光晚餐。
Cam: wo3 qing3 ni3 chi1 zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1.
YJ: wo3 means I,
Cam: wo3,
YJ: qing3 means to invite,
Cam: qing3,
YJ: ni3 means you,
Cam: ni3.
YJ: chi1, to have, or to eat,
Cam: chi1,
YJ: zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1, candlelight dinner,
Cam: zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1
YJ: zhu2 means candle,
Cam: zhu2
YJ: guang1 means light,
Cam: guang1,
YJ: wan3 can1, dinner,
Cam: wan3 can1
YJ: zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1, candlelight dinner,
Cam: zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1,
YJ: wo3 qing3 ni3 chi1 zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1.
Cam: wo3 qing3 ni3 chi1 zhu2 guang1 wan3 can1. I am taking you out for a candlelight dinner

Conversation 3:

Key words reminder
Chocolate. 巧克力  roses. 玫瑰花  perfume, 香水. perfume, 香水  candlelight dinner 烛光晚餐.

Cam: We’ve run out of time already… time for our question of the day.
YJ: We'd like to know if you remember how to say "candlelight dinner” in Chinese? 
Cam: See you tomorrow.



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