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Lesson 181 Valentine (1)
   2017-02-09 09:37:15    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: Love is in the air… welcome to Chinese Studio. Wo shi Cam.
YJ: And wo shi Yajie. Cam, there are many western holidays that we celebrate here in China, such as Christmas.
Cam: Yes, and I know the Chinese are big into Valentine’s Day as well, which falls in a few days.
YJ: Right.  So this week, we will learn all the lingo about love.
Cam: I love it!

Key words of the day
Valentine’s Day 情人节 Happy Valentine’s Day. 情人节快乐 February 14th.2月14号  What would you like for Valentine’s Day?  你想要什么情人节礼物?All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: Okay Yaj… let’s start with the basics. How do you say Valentine’s Day?
Yajie: it’s qing2 ren2 jie2.
Cam: qing2 ren2 jie2.
YJ: qing2 ren2 means lover,
Cam: qing2 ren2.
YJ: jie2 means festival,
Cam: jie2.
Cam: So happy Valentine’s Day would be?
YJ: qing2 ren2 jie2 kuai4 le4.
Cam: qing2 ren2 jie2 kuai4 le4.
YJ: kuai4 le4, happy,
Cam: kuai4 le4.
YJ: qing2 ren2 jie2, valentine,
Cam: qing2 ren2 jie2
YJ: qing2 ren2 jie2 kuai4 le4
Cam: qing2 ren2 jie2 kuai4 le4 Happy Valentine’s day! 情人节快乐

Conversation 1:
A: 给你,祝你情人节快乐!
B: 好漂亮的花! 谢谢!

B: 祝天下有情人终成眷属。

YJ: We learned the calendar and days in an episode a long time ago. Do you remember?
Cam: Yes… but give me a refresher.  How would I say February 14th?
YJ: February is er4 yue4.
Cam: er4 yue4.
YJ: er4 means two or second,
YJ: yue4 means month,
Cam: yue4,
YJ: er4 yue4.
Cam: er4 yue4 February. Then how do you say 14th ?
YJ: it’s shi2 si4 hao4.
Cam: shi2 si4 hao4
YJ: shi2 is ten,
YJ: si4 means four,
Cam: si4,
YJ: shi2 si4, fourteenth, 
Cam: shi2 si4
YJ: hao4 means day,
Cam: hao4,
Y: shi2 si4 hao4
C: shi2 si4 hao4 14th
Y: then February 14th  is er4 yue4 shi2 si4 hao4
C: er4 yue4 shi2 si4 hao4

Conversation 2:
A: 2月14号是个特别的日子。
B: 没错,这天是情人节。

Cam: Usually lovers give gifts on Valentine’s Day… If I had a girlfriend, I could ask her what she wants. 
Yajie: Right. You would say it like this in Chinese 你想要什么情人节礼物?
Cam: ni2 xiang3 yao4 shen2me qing2 ren2 jie2 li3 wu4.
YJ: ni2 means you,
Cam: ni2,
YJ: xiang3 yao4, want to have,
Cam: xiang3 yao4,
YJ: shen2me , what,
Cam: shen2me,
YJ: qing2 ren2 jie2, valentine’s day
Cam: qing2 ren2 jie2
Y:li3 wu4 , presents,
C: li3 wu4
Y:ni2 xiang3 yao4 shen2me qing2 ren2 jie2 li3 wu4.
C: ni2 xiang3 yao4 shen2me qing2 ren2 jie2 li3 wu4. What would you like for Valentine’s day?

Conversation 3:
A: 你说应该送她什么情人节礼物?
B: 这当然得问问她本人了。
A: 你想要什么情人节礼物?
B: 只要是你送的,什么都可以。

Key words Reminder
Valentine’s Day 情人节 Happy Valentine’s Day. 情人节快乐 February 14th.2月14号  What would you like for Valentine’s Day? 你想要什么情人节礼物? All in today’s Chinese Studio.

C: We’ve run out of time already. Time for our question of the day.
Y: How do you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Chinese?
C:  See you next week!
Y: Ming tian jian



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