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Lesson 135 Chores (3)
   2016-12-16 09:07:05    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

YJ: Perfect Chinese your way, in only five minutes a day, welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI, wo shi yajie,
Cam: wo shi Cam.
YJ: Cam, we are busy cleaning the house this week… so I guess maybe one of your hobbies is doing the laundry…
Cam: Yajie, I have a clean house, but laundry is definitely not one of my favorite things. 
YJ: sorry, but we need to continue with our lessons. Today we are going to talk about cleaning clothes and tidying up the bedroom!

Key Words of the Day
change the sheets. 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1) do the laundry 洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu)washing machine 洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1)  iron熨斗(yun4dou3)  ironing Board 烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3) Where is the iron? 熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?) All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Yajie: Cam, I’d like to change the sheets from time to time, and in Chinese you can say 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1) change the sheets.
Cam: 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1)
YJ: 换 (huan4) to change.
Cam: 换 (huan4)
YJ: 床单 (chuang2dan1), sheet.
Cam: 床单 (chuang2dan1)
YJ: 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1) to change the sheets.
Cam: 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1)

Conversation 1:
a. 你的床单该换了。
b. 好的,我马上就换床单。

Cam: And I usually do the laundry on Sundays, what’s the Chinese for that?
YJ: do the laundry is 洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu)
Cam: 洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu)
YJ: 洗(xi3) means to wash, to clean
Cam: 洗(xi3)
YJ: 衣服 (yi1fu) means clothes,
Cam: 衣服 (yi1fu).
YJ:  洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu), do the laundry.
Cam:洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu)it’s convenient to use a washing machine in China, but what’s the Chinese for that?
YJ: it’s洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1)
Cam: 洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1)
YJ: 洗衣 (xi3 yi1), to wash clothes,
Cam: 洗衣 (xi3 yi1).
YJ: 机 (ji1)  is short for 机器 (ji1 qi4) , which means machine,
Cam:机 (ji1)
YJ:洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1), washing machine.
Cam: 洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1)

Conversation 2:
a. 我想洗衣服。
b. 你可以用洗衣机洗衣服。

Cam: Yajie, after doing the laundry, I need to iron my clothes, but what’s the Chinese for the iron?
YJ: it’s 熨斗(yun4dou3) the fourth tone, and the third tone.
Cam: 熨斗(yun4dou3). Then how do you say Ironing Board in Chinese?
YJ: It’s烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3)
Cam: 烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3)
YJ: 烫 (tang4), tang, the fourth tone, means to iron, 
Cam: 烫 (tang4)
YJ: 衣 (yi1), is short for 衣服(yi1fu), which means clothes.
Cam: 衣 (yi1),
YJ: 板(ban3), board.
Cam: 板(ban3)
YJ: 烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3) ironing board
Cam: 烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3). yajie, Where is the iron? Did you see the iron?
YJ: sorry, I don’t. maybe you should ask someone else.
Cam: but how do I ask that in Chinese?
YJ: you can say, 熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?)
Cam:熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?)
YJ: 熨斗 (yun4dou3), iron.
Cam: 熨斗 (yun4dou3)
YJ: 在哪儿(zai4 nar3), at where.
Cam: 在哪儿(zai4 nar3)
YJ: 熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?) Where is the iron?
Cam: 熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?)

Conversation 3:
(1) A:熨斗在哪儿?
(2) A:你知道熨斗在哪儿吗?

Key Words Reminder
change the sheets. 换床单 (huan4 chuang2dan1) do the laundry 洗衣服 (xi3 yi1 fu)washing machine 洗衣机 (xi3yi1ji1)  iron熨斗(yun4dou3)  ironing Board 烫衣板 (tang4 yi1 ban3) Where is the iron? 熨斗在哪儿?(yun4dou3 zai4 nar3 ?)

Cam: Yajie, I want to keep learning, but we’ve run out of time again.
YJ: but we still have our question of the day.
Cam: Okay.  How do you say, “washing machine” in Chinese?
YJ: Come on!!!!! Send us email, Ming tian jian!
Cam: Zai jian!



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