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Lesson 131 Supermarket (3)
   2016-12-07 09:35:43    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: We are spending this week at the Supermarket.  Welcome to Chinese Studio everyone, wo shi Cam.
YJ: And who shi Yajie. We’ve been learning about the food we can buy at the supermarket, but definitely we need some other basic necessities.
Cam: Let’s find out what they are!

Key Words of the Day
Toothbrush 牙刷。(ya2shua1) Toothpaste牙膏(ya2gao1)  Shampoo  洗发水(xi3fa4shui3) Soap肥皂 (fei2zao4) Hair gel. 发胶(fa4jiao1) How much is the shampoo? 洗发水多少钱?(xi3fa4shui3 duo1shao qian2?) I need a box of Kleenex (tissue paper) 我要一盒面巾纸. (wo3 yao4 yi4 he2 mian4jin1zhi3) All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: So Yajie, I’ve got all the food I need in this trusty bag. But there are a couple of other things I need to buy before I go to the check-out counter. First off, I need a new toothbrush!
YJ: ok, toothbrush in Chinese is牙刷 (ya2shua1)
Cam: 牙刷 (ya2shua1)
YJ: 牙(ya2), ya, the second tone, means tooth.
Cam: 牙(ya2).
YJ: And 刷 (shua1), brush.
Cam: 刷 (shua1)
YJ: 牙刷 (ya2shua1), toothbrush.
Cam: 牙刷 (ya2shua1) And what’s Chinese for toothpaste?
YJ: It’s牙膏(ya2gao1) 膏 is a kind of paste which has soft and smooth mixture:
Cam: I see,牙膏(ya2gao1).
YJ: and shampoo has many sayings , one of which is 洗发水(xi3fa4shui3)
Cam: 洗发水(xi3fa4shui3)
YJ: which literally means the liquid to wash your head with. 洗发水(xi3fa4shui3)
Cam:洗发水(xi3fa4shui3) got it.
YJ: and one more word is soap, 肥皂 (fei2zao4)
Cam: 肥皂 (fei2zao4)

Conversation 1:

YJ: As you heard in the conversation, 洗发水多少钱?(xi3fa4shui3 duo1shao qian2?), which means "How much is the shampoo? "
Cam: 洗发水多少钱?(xi3fa4shui3 duo1shao qian2?)
YJ: 洗发水(xi3fa4shui3), shampoo.
Cam: 洗发水(xi3fa4shui3).
YJ: 多少钱?(duo1shao qian2?), how much?
Cam: 多少钱?(duo1shao qian2?)
YJ: 洗发水多少钱?(xi3fa4shui3 duo1shao qian2?)
Cam: 洗发水多少钱?(xi3fa4shui3 duo1shao qian2?) How much is the shampoo?

Conversation 2:

Cam: Yajie, How do you say hair gel in Chinese?
YJ: You can say发胶(fa4jiao1).
Cam: 发胶(fa4jiao1) , and also I need a box of Kleenex (tissue paper), how do you say that in Chinese?
YJ: it’s 我要一盒面巾纸. (wo3 yao4 yi4 he2 mian4jin1zhi3)
Cam: 我要一盒面巾纸. (wo3 yao4 yi4 he2 mian4jin1zhi3)
YJ: 我 (wo3), I.
Cam: 我 (wo3)
YJ: 要 (yao4), to have.
Cam: 要 (yao4)
YJ: 一 盒 (yi1)(he2), one box of,
Cam: 一 盒 (yi1)(he2)
YJ: 面巾纸(mian4jin1zhi3), tissue paper.
Cam: 面巾纸(mian4jin1zhi3).
YJ: 我要一盒面巾纸. (wo3 yao4 yi4 he2 mian4jin1zhi3)
Cam: 我要一盒面巾纸. (wo3 yao4 yi4 he2 mian4jin1zhi3) I need a box of Kleenex.

Conversation 3:

Cam: That wraps up today’s show Yajie, and this wonderful week about shopping.  I love to eat, and I love to shop, so going to the supermarket combines my two favorite things!
YJ: Let’s get to the question of the day.  How do you say:  “I need a box of Kleenex” in Chinese?
Cam: See ya tomorrow!
YJ: Ming tian jian.



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