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Lesson 130 Supermarket (2)
   2016-12-06 09:24:06    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: It’s time to perfect Chinese your way in only five minutes a day – welcome to Chinese Studio, I’m Cam.  And I’m here with my wonderful teacher Yajie, who is helping us navigate the chao shi, or supermarket.
YJ: There are so many different products in a chao shi, so there are lots to learn. 
Cam: let's start wth Key Words of the Day.

Key Words of the Day
Cheese. 奶酪(nai3lao4) Deli department. 熟食区(shu2shi2 qu1)。 Cookies and candies  饼干和糖果。(bing3gan1 he2 tang2guo3) Where is the imported foods aisle? 进口货区在哪儿?(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 nar3?) Where is the deli department? 熟食区在哪?(shu2 shi2 qu1 zai4 na3) All in today’s Chinese Studio.

YJ: Our first new word is cheese. 奶酪(nai3lao4)
Cam: 奶酪(nai3lao4), the third tone, and the fourth tone.
YJ: next comes deli department. 熟食区(shu2shi2 qu1)
Cam: 熟食区(shu2shi2 qu1)。
YJ: the third and fourth word is 饼干和糖果。(bing3gan1 he2 tang2guo3)
Cam: 饼干和糖果。(bing3gan1 he2 tang2guo3)
YJ: 饼干(bing3gan1), cookies.
Cam: 饼干(bing3gan1)
YJ: 糖果(tang2guo3).
Cam: 糖果(tang2guo3), candies.

Conversation 1:

Cam: Yajie, Chinese food is delicious. I have no doubt about that. But sometimes I need some good, down-home, western cooking. And I often do that myself. How do I ask where the foreigner food is kept?
YJ: So you need the imported food aisle. It’s called 进口货区(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3)
Cam: 进口货区(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3)
YJ: 进口货(jin4kou3 huo4), the imported food.
Cam: 进口货(jin4kou3 huo4)
YJ: 进口货区(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3) the imported foods aisle,
Cam: 进口货区(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3).
YJ: 进口货区在哪儿?(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 nar3?)
Cam: 进口货区在哪儿?(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 nar3?)
YJ: 在哪儿(zai4 nar3?) means where.
Cam: 在哪儿(zai4 nar3?), where.
YJ: 进口货区在哪儿?(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 nar3?)
Cam: 进口货区在哪儿?(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 nar3?) where is the imported foods aisle.
YJ: The imported foods aisle is over there.进口货区在那儿(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 na4er.)
Cam: 进口货区在那儿(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 naer.)
YJ: Then how would you say “The imported foods aisle is here”? Can you guess?
Cam: yes. I think it’s进口货区在这儿(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 zhe4er.)
YJ: Excellent. 进口货区在这儿(jin4kou3 huo4 qu3 zai4 zhe4er.) The imported foods aisle is here.

Conversation 2:

YJ: Where is the deli department? 熟食区在哪?(shu2 shi2 qu1 zai4 na3)
Cam:熟食区在哪?(shu2 shi2 qu1 zai4 na3)
YJ: 熟食区, deli department
Cam: 熟食区(shu2 shi2 qu1)
YJ: 在哪? at where
Cam: 在哪?
YJ: 熟食区在哪?(shu2 shi2 qu1 zai4 na3)
Cam: 熟食区在哪?(shu2 shi2 qu1 zai4 na3) Where is the deli department?

Conversation 3:

Cam: We learned how to say some key words today Yajie, words I’ll need the next time I’m at my chao shi.
YJ: Now time for today’s question.  How do you say: " Where is the deli department?"  in Chinese?
Cam: See ya tomorrow!
Yajie: Ming tian jian.



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