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Lesson 122 Sports (2)
   2016-11-17 09:12:16    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

Cam: It’s time to perfect Chinese your way in only five minutes a day. Welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI.  Wo shi Cam.
Yajie: And wo shi Yajie. Cam, it’s our working out week, and I’m sure this is good for you. Let’s start with key words of the day.

Key Words of the Day
treadmill 跑步机。(pao3bu4ji1) I want to use the treadmill. 我想用跑步机。(wo3 xiang3 yong4 pao3bu4ji1.) I weigh 90 kilograms 我九十公斤重。(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1 zhong4.) I want to get bigger muscles. 我想练肌肉。(wo3 xiang3 lian4 ji1rou4.) All in today’s Chinese Studio. 

Cam: Yajie, I often go to the gym and use the treadmill for exercise, by often I mean once a month and I’ve been wondering what’s the Chinese for treadmill.
Yajie: It’s  跑步机(pao3bu4ji1)treadmill.
Cam: 跑步机。(pao3bu4ji1)
Yajie: 跑步(pao3bu4)means to run. The third tone, and the fourth tone.
Cam: 跑步(pao3bu4)
Yajie: 机 (ji1) is short for 机器(ji1qi4), machine.
Cam: 机 (ji1)
Yajie: Since it’s a machine for you to run on, thus in Chinese we it’s 跑步机。(pao3bu4ji1)
Cam: 跑步机(pao3bu4ji1),treadmill. Then how do you say “I want to use the treadmill.” in Chinese? 
Yajie: It’s我想用跑步机。(wo3 xiang3 yong4 pao3bu4ji1.)
Cam: 我想用跑步机。(wo3 xiang3 yong4 pao3bu4ji1.)
Yajie: 我(wo3) means I.
Cam: 我(wo3)
Yajie: 想 (xiang3) means want to.
Cam: 想 (xiang3) , xiang, the third tone, right?
Yajie: 用 (yong4), to use.
Cam: 用 (yong4)
Yajie: 我想用跑步机。(wo3 xiang3 yong4 pao3bu4ji1.)
Cam:我想用跑步机。(wo3 xiang3 yong4 pao3bu4ji1.) I want to use the treadmill.

Conversation 1:

Yajie: Cam, last time we learned the sentence “How much do you weigh?” although you are not here then, but do you still remember how to say that in Chinese?
Cam: Yes, I do review from time to time. It’s你体重多少?(ni3 ti3zhong4 duo1shao?)
Yajie: 你体重多少?(ni3 ti3zhong4 duo1shao?) How much do you weigh?
Cam: But the problem is I don’t know how to answer it.
Yajie: Oh, that’s what I’m going to tell you. Let’s assume that you weigh 90 kilograms, you can say我九十公斤重。(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1 zhong4.)
Cam: 我九十公斤重。(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1 zhong4.)
Yajie: 我(wo3) means I.
Cam: 我(wo3)
Yajie: 九十(jiu3shi2), ninety.
Cam: 九十(jiu3shi2)
Yajie: 公斤(gong1jin1), kilogram.
Cam: 公斤(gong1jin1),
Yajie: 重 (zhong4), weight.
Cam: 重 (zhong4),
Yajie: I weigh 90 kilograms 我九十公斤重。(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1 zhong4.)
Cam: 我九十公斤重。(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1 zhong4.)
Yajie: It’s also ok to say我九十公斤(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1),without重(zhong4)
Cam: Ok, that's a litlle easier. 我九十公斤(wo3 jiu3shi2 gong1jin1) I weigh 90 kilograms.

Conversation 2:

Cam: Yajie, I’m wondering how to tell my coach that I want to get bigger muscles so that he could teach me an effective way of getting it.
Yajie: No problem. You can tell him我想练肌肉。(wo3 xiang3 lian4 ji1rou4.)
Cam: 我想练肌肉。(wo3 xiang3 lian4 ji1rou4.)
Yajie: 我想 (wo3 xiang3), I want to.
Cam: 我想 (wo3 xiang3)
Yajie: 练 (lian4), lian, the fourth tone, to exercise.
Cam: 练 (lian4)
Yajie: 肌肉(ji1rou4), muscle.
Cam: 肌肉(ji1rou4),
Yajie: 我想练肌肉。(wo3 xiang3 lian4 ji1rou4.)
Cam: 我想练肌肉。(wo3 xiang3 lian4 ji1rou4.) I want to get bigger muscles.

Conversation 3:

Yajie: So right now Cam, you know the word for treadmill is 跑步机 right?
Cam: Right.  We’ve given away part of our question of the day. We want to know how do you say:  “I need to use the treadmill” in Chinese?
Yajie: Zai jian.
Cam: Zai jian!



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