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Lesson 079 Restaurants (3)
   2016-09-14 09:18:42    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao

YJ: Welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI. Wo shi Yajie.
Cam: And wo shi Cam.  I’m getting so excited Yajie, because we keep learning about delicious Chinese food.  And we have more plans for today.
YJ:  That's right. China has so many different cuisines from around the country, and we are going to learn a few today in Chinese Studio. So, let’s begin!
Key Words of the Day
spareribs in sweet-sour sauce糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3); baked bran,烤麸(kao3fu1). Braised eggplant红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi). Water-boiled fish, 水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2). All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Yajie:  Cam, I know you really like Shanghai. The next time you go down there, you must try spareribs in sweet-and-sour sauce. Well, in Chinese it’s 糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3).
Cam:  糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3).
YJ: 糖(tang2), tang, the third tone, means sugar.
Cam: 糖(tang2). I know that Shanghai is famous for its sweet taste.
YJ: Yes.And 醋(cu4), cu, the fourth tone, means vinegar.
Cam: 醋(cu4).
YJ: 排骨 means sparerib. 排,the second tone, and 骨,the third tone.
Cam: 排骨 (pai2 gu3).
YJ: 糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3), spareribs in sweet-sour sauce.
Cam: 糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3), ok… I  love that.
YJ: And you may also take a 烤麸(kao3fu1),baked bran. It’s another special Shanghai food.
Cam: 烤麸(kao3fu1). Hmm… sounds interesting.
YJ: 烤, kao, the third tone means bake.
Cam: 烤(kao3).
YJ: 麸 (fu1), fu, the first tone, means bran.
Cam: 麸 (fu1).
YJ: 烤麸(kao3fu1). Baked bran.
Cam: 烤麸(kao3fu1).


Cam: So, I need to try vegetable dishes as well.
YJ: Ok. How about braised eggplant, 红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi)?
Cam: 红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi)? What does红烧(hong2shao1) mean?
YJ: 红烧 (hong2shao1) means braise in soy sauce. And 茄子means eggplant, the second tone and the light tone. So, together it’s红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi).
Cam: 红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi).
YJ: Right. 红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi).
Cam: Ok, I’ll take it.


Cam: Yajie, you know I’m a big fan of spicy Sichuan food. So, could you recommend a dish?
YJ: Sure, how about水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2), water boiled fish?
Cam: 水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2).
YJ: 水(shui3) means water, s-h-u-i, the third tone.
Cam: 水(shui3).
YJ: 煮 (zhu3), z-h-u, also the third tone, means boil.
Cam: 煮 (zhu3).
YJ: And 鱼(yu2), y-u, the second tone, fish.
Cam: 鱼(yu2).
YJ: So together 水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2).
Cam: 水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2).
YJ: But Cam, for your information, 水煮鱼 is piping hot! But it has an exciting taste…sorry, my mouth is watering!


Key Words Reminder
spareribs in sweet-sour sauce糖醋排骨(tang2cu4 pai2gu3); baked bran,烤麸(kao3fu1). Braised eggplant 红烧茄子(hong2shao1 qie2zi). Water-boiled fish, 水煮鱼(shui3 zhu3 yu2).

Cam:  If I order all this food Yajie, I am going to have a big belly… not to mention be really full!
YJ: Well, make sure you order a couple of them each time you go out.  They are all very delicious.
Cam:  We’ve run out of time, I have to say. Our question of the day is, how do you say “braised eggplant” in Chinese?  Ming tian jian!
YJ: Ming tian jian.



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