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   2015-06-08 16:52:48    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Qin Mei

A list of the composition topics in the Chinese subject test papers of this year's National College Entrance Exam, or Gaokao in different parts of China. [Photo: CFP]

For the past few years, essay questions in Chinese language tests from China’s one-shot college entrance exam, or Gaokao(高考 gāo kǎo), have always been a highlight that attracts people's attention.

This year, they have already spread like wildfire after the first day of testing wrapped up on Sunday. The various composition topics are again regarded as unique, novel and difficult, some of them even weird and high-end.

From describing a perfect day with your hero to explaining the meaning of a current buzzword, students across China were racking their brains to come up with answers that would set them apart from more than nine million others.

Here is a list of essay questions students faced in their Chinese language tests.


The composition requires that students should make comments on a case about a girl in central China's Hubei Province who reported to police that her father always talked on his cellphone while driving on the highway. Students are required to write a letter to one of the people involved, be it the girl, the father or other relevant sides.


A professional and skillful welding craftsman, a photographer who has gained praise for his works, a successful scientist who specializes in life science. Who is the most "graceful" person out of these three? Students are required to answer this question with an essay.

Students are required to choose one of the two topics for their composition. The first one is entitled 'The Affection Deep in My Soul' , while the other one is entitled 'If I Spend One Day with a Hero I Admire' .

Many netizens think the composition topic for the Jiangsu paper is one of the more difficult ones to compose, they even describe it as 'hell'. Students are required to write an article talking about 'wisdom', which is regarded as too 'broad' and thus hard to focus on one perspective.

The composition topics for Zhejiang, Hubei and Hunan are described as ' nightmares' by some netizens. In Zhejiang, students are required to analyze the relationship between a person's character and the style of articles he or she writes. In Hubei, students are required to write an article about 'Spring Water and Fountain', since the attractive fountain can't surge without the accumulation of spring water underground. In Hunan, the topic tells a story about a tree's unique way to accomplish its travel dream.

The composition topic for paper in east China's Shandong Province is one of the most interesting ones. It tells a story about a child who tries to distinguish the vines of towel guard and a kind of bean, since the vines look very similar. But the father tells him that his efforts are useless, since the vegetables are planted for food rather than for distinguishing. Students are required to write their understanding and comments after reading the story.

The topic tells a story about a scientific experiment, which comes to a conclusion that butterflies' wings have no colours at all. The colors are revealed due to the wings' special microscopic structures with the help of light. Students should choose a perspective through the story and write a composition.

Students in Shanghai are required to make comments on how to deal with the hard and soft stuff in one's inner world.

Topic in southwest China's Chongqing: 'Waiting', with a story provided, telling a boy on a bus asking the driver to wait for his mother. Passengers then started to complain when the boy's mother didn't show up after several minutes, until they eventually found out that the mother is a disabled woman who has issues with her leg.

Topic in north China's Tianjin: Chinese word 'Fan'r', or 'style' in English, especially graceful and elegant styles.



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