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第十六课  养宠物
Lesson Sixteen: Buying, Raising and Registering a Pet
   2015-05-11 15:14:48    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Yang


Mark: Who could resist having man's best friend at that side? Millions of people in China keep a pet. They love their animals and they do anything for them. But how do people go about finding a pet in China, and how do they look after them? And if you already own a pet, for example, how do you go about getting your dog registered with the local police? Let's find out and learn some key phrases that you'll need if you're planning to keep a pet in Beijing. 

As with just about anything else you might want to buy in China, you can probably find what you are looking for in a local street market. This includes some potential pets. But be weary of buying animals from sellers you see on the pavement or road side as they may not be as healthy as they first appear. Instead, head for the larger pet markets, like the Guanyuan Flower Bird Fish and Insect Market or
官园花鸟鱼虫市场 located in Xicheng. 


(At Guanyuan Flower Bird Fish and Insect Market)


Mark: Here you will find dogs, cats, fish and birds. But don't be surprised if you find a few more exotic pets too, like crickets. It may seem a bit strange, but the Chinese have been keeping crickets as pets for centuries.


Cricket raiser: 两天喂一次,这是人工繁殖出来的,不是野地里逮的。野生的,你不知道它什么时候脱壳, 人工繁殖出来的能知道它什么时候脱的,就知道它寿命有多长。

Cricket lover: 我也不敢说高谈到文化这个层面上吧,养蝈蝈我觉得能让我更贴近自然,因为像我父母都特别喜欢这些东西, 他们小时候养这些东西,都是能在大自然逮到,不像我现在得买。逮有逮的乐趣嘛,我买就只有养的乐趣,我就缺少一些(逮的乐趣)

Mark: Well, I decided to buy a small dog. So, what's the better place to come than this particular market. They specialize in cats and dogs. Let's go inside and talk to the owner.

(Inside a pet shop)

Mark: 你好,我想买只小狗,可以看看吗?

Pet shop owner: 可以,随便看吧。


GRAPHIC FLASH: 我想买只小狗,可以看看吗?小狗 a little dog, a measure word for dog here, to buy, want to, I, 我想买只小狗。 I'd like to buy a dog. 可以看看吗?可以 can or could, 看看 to take a look, a particle coming at the end of sentence indicating this is a question, 可以看看吗?Can I take a look?  我想买只小狗,可以看看吗? I'd like to buy a dog. Can I take a look?


Mark: Now, as a pet owner, it's very important to know how to look after your animal. And the most important thing is to know what you feed it. It's very easy to find pets' food around Beijing, and you'll probably recognize some of the brands that you are already familiar with. But if you have more exotic animal or you are not sure what you feed your dog or cat. Ask the pet shop owner, they will help.



(Caption: 主持人马克(Mark)向宠物商店主人询问如何喂养他的小狗。Mark talks to a pet shop owner about feeding his dog.)


Pet shop owner: 这些都可以喂。

Mark: 一天喂几次?

Pet shop owner: 一天喂一至两次就可以。


GRAPHIC FLASH: 这个小狗能喂什么?一天喂几次?什么what, to feed, can, 小狗 a little dog, 这个 this one, 这个小狗能喂什么?What does this dog eat? 一天 one day, to feed, 几次 how many times, 一天喂几次?How many times a day should I feed it? 这个小狗能喂什么?一天喂几次?What does this dog eat? How many times a day should I feed it?


Mark: One of the most important things to think about when getting a new pet is its health. Check if it has had all the relevant vaccinations and hasn't had any illnesses. But of course, even you felt your pets were healthy when you get it, it could develop problems later. So it's always a good idea to find out if there is a vet near your home before your animal develops problems. Pets are living creatures and need to be looked after properly. Your dog, cat, rabbit or rodent needs to be groomed regularly to keep its coat healthy and free of fur balls, which can choke some animals, like cats, if you don't groom them at least once a week.


Mark: With smaller animals, there is no need to register your pet at the local police station. But for larger one, remember you must register your pet immediately. There are regular checks done by the Beijing police to enforce public health and safety. If your dog is not registered, you could face a fine up to 2,000 yuan, and the police could confiscate your beloved pet. Ask a Chinese friend or your landlord and even a passer-by where the nearest police station is.



Passer-by: 就在前面。

Mark: 谢谢,谢谢。


Mark: Well she just told me the nearest police station is just down there, so let's go and find it then we can get the dog registered.


GRAPHIC FLASH: 请问附近的派出所在哪儿?哪儿where, at, 派出所police precinct, 附近的nearby, 请问please may I ask, 附近的派出所nearby police precinct, 请问附近的派出所在哪儿? Please tell me where the local police precinct is?


Mark: When you arrive at the police station, make sure you have your dog, two passport-sized photos showing your dog head-on, your lease, and your ID, for example, your residency permit, visa or passport. Let's review the Chinese language phrases we've learned today.

(Caption:  主持人马克(Mark)给他的小狗上户口。Mark registers his dog.)


请问附近的派出所在哪儿? Please tell me where the local police precinct is.

我想买只小狗,可以看看吗? I'd like to buy a dog. Can I take a look?

这个小狗能喂什么?一天喂几次? What does this dog eat? How many times a day should I feed it?

Mark: If you learn those key phrases, you may find that having a pet in China is a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. For Living Chinese, I'm Mark Griffiths. 


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