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A New Intern
   2014-12-30 14:39:19    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Qin Mei

In a harsh job-hunting environment, Chinese graduates have to act before the arrival of the peak season: February and March. Many seek the chance to practice in their chosen companies at the end of the year.


            xiǎo huì gōng zuò biǎo xiàn zěn me yàng a
Simon: 小惠工作表现怎么样啊?
             How is Xiao Hui's performance?

              hěn bú cuò  tā shì dà jiā gōng rèn de diàn nǎo gāo shǒu ne
Boss:    很不错, 她是大家公认的电脑高手呢。
            Very good. She has a good reputation as a computer expert.

            tīng shuō tā gōng zuò tè bié nǔ lì
Simon: 听说她工作特别努力?
           I heard she works very hard.
            shì a nián qīng rén hěn yǒu yī gǔ chū shēng niú dú bú pà hǔ de jìnr
Boss:   是啊,年轻人很有一股初生牛犊不怕虎的劲儿。   
             Yeah, these young people are motivated and fearless. 

"....怎么样?" is equivalent to "How is/are...?" This commonly-used sentence structure can be used to make a general question or give a suggestion.
eg. [jīn tiān tiān qì zěn me yàng a]   今天天气怎么样啊? (How is the weather?)
      [nǐ zěn me yàng]  你怎么样? (How are you?)
      [zhōu mò jiàn miàn zěn me yàng a]  周末见面怎么样啊? (How about meeting this weekend?)

"高手", literally meaning "tall hand", refers to people who excel at certain things or are professional in a specific field. eg. 舞蹈高手(dancing expert); 象棋高手(master chess player). " In Chinese, there are other "手", referring to different kinds of people.
eg. [xīn shǒu] 新手 (People who have just started doing something new and lack experience.)
     [lǎo shǒu] 老手 (People who have spent a long time doing something.)
     [duō miàn shǒu] 多面手(all round, versatile people)
     [duò shǒu ] 舵手 (steersmen on ships)
     [qiāng shǒu ] 枪手 (gunmen)

The Chinese phrase "初生牛犊不怕虎(chū shēng niú dú bú pà hǔ )" means "newborn calves aren’t afraid of tigers,” describing how young people are fearless, unaware of danger, sometimes acting rashly because of their lack of experience. It can refer to wild arrogance and the overrating one’s own abilities. However, the expression is mainly used to praise one’s courage.


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