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第十三课 考驾照
Lesson Thirteen: How to Get a Driver’s License(3)
   2014-09-18 14:18:12    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Qin Mei

CRI reporter: Lance Crayon

(In examination room)

Lance: The test is administered at 10 a.m. usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You are given approximately 45 minutes to answer 100 questions. You must score at minimum of 90% in order to pass. A few helpful hints for passing the test include memorizing all of the signs. You also want to read the question thoroughly in the right or wrong category. Questions that are right or wrong can often be a little tricky. When you finish taking your exam, if you still have any remaining minutes, please use that time to review all of your answers. You are given 45 minutes to take the exam, use all 45 minutes.

(Lance talks to an examinee.)

Lance: I was standing here this morning with a young woman from the South Korea who just finished her exam. Let’s see if we can find out how she did.

Lance: 你好,你考试过了吗?
Examinee: 过了。
Lance: 请问你学了多长时间?
Examinee: 四天。
Lance: Ok she studied for four days. And what about your score?
Examinee: 94分。
Lance: She got 94, so she passed. Congratulations!

GRAPHIC FLASH: 你考试过了吗?你you, 考试  exam, 过了to have passed,  吗a particle here, 你考试过了吗?Did you pass the exam?

你学了多长时间?时间time, 多长 how long, 学 to learn, 你you, 你学了多长时间?How much time did you spend in preparing for the exam?

(Policewoman gives Lance his driver’s license.)

Lance: 谢谢!

Lance: Now when you turn in your results after you pass the exam you can come back in a few days to pick this up, or for an extra charge they can mail it to your home. Now the good news is the license is valid for six years, and you don’t have to retake the exam when your license expires. Nor do you have to retake the exam if you move to another province. This license is good throughout all of China. So now that I have my Chinese driver’s license, let’s go for a ride. But before we do so, let’s review the Chinese expressions we’ve learned today.


我要考驾照。I would like to get my driver’s license.

请问报名费多少钱?How much does the registration cost, please?

你考试过了吗?Did you pass the exam?

你学了多长时间?How much time did you spend in preparing for the exam?

(Lance is driving.)

Lance: One of the things I can do about having my Chinese driver’s license is I can drive. You are riding in the passenger seat all the time could be a little bit boring. It can also be a little inconsiderate when you keep your mind that you are sniffing at others when they always have to do with the driving. For Living Chinese, I’m Lance Crayon.  (End)



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A 已经
B 就要
C 正在
D 马上  Answer
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