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第十二课 逛酒吧街
Lesson Twelve: Visiting the Beijing Bar Districts (2)
   2014-09-04 14:13:06    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Qin Mei

CRI reporter: Dominic Swire

这儿的酒吧都不错。 这儿 here again, 酒吧 means bar, 都 all, indicates many
不错 has the same meaning as 好 which means good, altogether, 这儿的酒吧都不错。There are many good bars over here.

(Dominic and Zheng Zhi start to walk around.)
(By side of lake/boat harbour)

Dominic: It’s great.
Zheng Zhi: Yeah. Everything is so beautiful.
Dominic: Hey, those guys look familiar.
Zheng Zhi: Oh! They are Zhang He and Xu Fei!
Zheng Zhi: Hi, Zhang He!
Dominic: Xu Fei!

(Zhang He and Xu Fei walk over to meet Dominic and Zheng Zhi.)

Dominic: Zhang He, Xu Fei!
Xu Fei: Hi!
Zhang He: Hi! What a surprise!
Zheng Zhi: What are you guys doing here?
Zhang He: We’ve just been rowing a boat on the river. Now we feel a little bit tired and very thirsty.
Dominic: Oh, why don’t you join us? We’re just about to go to one of these bars.
Zhang He: Well, sounds good to me. (To Xu Fei) How about you?
Xu Fei: Good idea. Let’s go!
Zhang He: Ok, let’s go.

(Group walk towards a bar, enter bar, sit down.)

Dominic: 大家想喝点什么?
Xu Fei: 我想喝点不含酒精的饮料。
Dominic: 喝可乐怎么样?
Xu Fei: 可以,但是请别加冰。
Zhang He: 我想来杯绿茶。
Zheng Zhi: 我喝啤酒。
Dominic: 我也喝啤酒。

GRAPHIC FLASH: 大家想喝点什么?大家 in this context refers to everybody, 想 means want, 喝 a verb means drink 什么 means what, altogether, 大家想喝点什么?What do you guys want to drink?

我想喝点不含酒精的饮料。我 I, 喝点 to drink, 不 a term to show negative sign, 酒精的 alcoholic, 饮料 drink, it means liquid or drinking, altogether, 我想喝点不含酒精的饮料。 I would like something non-alcoholic to drink.

我喝啤酒。 我 means I,  喝 means to drink, 啤酒 means beer, now the whole sentence 我喝啤酒。I would like a beer.

(Dominic goes to the bar and orders drinks.)

Dominic: 你好。
Bartender: 你好。
Dominic: 我要两瓶啤酒、一杯可乐不加冰和一杯绿茶。
Bartender: 好的。

Dominic: Most bars in Houhai are pretty westernized. Sometimes you need to go to the bar to order; sometimes the waiter comes to you. But in most cases you don’t need to leave a tip.

Dominic: 谢谢。
Bartender: 不客气。



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