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Hourly News 2014-12-09
   2014-12-11 10:02:39    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Han



China, U.S. Reach Consensus on Combating Corruption

China says it has made headway with the United States on tracking down officials suspected of corruption.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei says the two sides agreed at a meeting in Beijing last week to further cooperate on anti-corruption efforts, the pursuit of fugitives, and the retrieval of illegal proceeds.
China has provided a list of names of economic fugitives now hiding in the US.
The U.S. side has said that the two governments had identified a "finite number of individuals and agreed to develop a strategy to address each of those".
Over 400 Chinese economic fugitives from more than 60 countries and regions have been returned to China since the launch of "Fox Hunt 2014" in July.
But the lack of an extradition treaty remains the main obstacle for cooperation between China and the United States, making extradition difficult.

China Urges U.S. to Block Bill on Arms Sales to Taiwan

China is urging the United States to block a bill on arms sales to Taiwan.
This comes following reports that the U.S. Senate has passed a bill to authorize the president to sell Perry-class frigates to Taiwan.
PERRY-class frigates are primarily Undersea Warfare ships intended to provide open-ocean escort of amphibious ships and convoys.
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stresses China's firm opposition to the bill, saying the move violates the three China-U.S. joint communiques, under which the United States agreed to gradually reduce arms sales to Taiwan.

Eight sentenced to death for Xinjiang terrorist attacks

A Xinjiang court has sentenced eight people to death in connection with two terrorist attacks that occurred in April and May in the regional capital of Urumqi.
Following their first trial, the Intermediate People's Court of Urumqi also sentenced another five people to death with a two-year reprieve, and four others were sentenced to imprisonment.
Xinjiang saw its bloodiest day in five years on May 22 when 39 people were killed and 94 were injured in an attack on a market in Urumqi. On April 30, three people were killed and 79 were injured in a terror attack at a railway station in the city.

Fudan student poisoner stands trial

The Fudan University student who is accused of poisoning his roommate last year has stood second trial in Shanghai.
The suspect, Lin Senhao, was accused of dropping a deadly chemical into a water dispenser which caused the death of his roommate Huang Yang.
During the trial, Lin claimed that he did not have a motive for intentional homicide, saying he only wanted to play a trick on his roommate.
The first trial in February charged Lin with intentional homicide.
He was sentenced to death.
Huang Yang's parents have said they hope the second trial will uphold the death sentence.
No verdict has been returned yet.

UN launches multi-bln-USD humanitarian appeal for 2015

The United Nations is calling for more than 16 billion U.S. dollars in funding for its humanitarian and relief efforts, in its biggest-ever annual request.
It says there are nearly 60 million people globally who need UN assistance right now and Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, and the Central African Republic will remain the top priorities.
According to the U.N., international donors have provided nearly 9.5 billion dollars in funding for UN programs this year, but that was not quite half of the amount that had been requested.

Israel dissolves parliament, heads for early elections

Israeli politicians have voted in favour of dissolving the country's parliament and voters are expected to head to the polls in March.
The vote gained momentum because of political infighting in the government of Benjamin Netenyahu, and comes less than two years since the government and parliament were formed following the last elections.
The crisis within Netanyahu's government coalition came to a head last week after he fired his Finance Mininster and his Justice Minister for criticizing government policies.

Greek gov't requests presidential election vote on December 17: gov't spokeswoman

Greece's government has submitted an official request to parliament to set December 17th as the date for presidential elections.
That's two months earlier than originally planned.
The hope is that the election of a new president will help put an end to political uncertainty in Greece, and strengthen the country's position in talks with international lenders over the final post-bailout agreement.

IOC introduces radical changes to the Olympics bidding process

The International Olympic Committee has unveiled radical changes to how cities will bid to host Olympic Games, among 40 reforms the IOC members plan to take to revamp their movement.
The changes to the bidding process include allowing several cities or countries to join together to host the Olympic games, making it easier and cheaper for host city hopefuls
IOC members have also scrapped a cap on 28 sports for a Summer Olympics, agreeing instead to limit the Games to 10,500 athletes and 310 events.




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