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Hourly News 2014-12-04
   2014-12-05 11:04:30    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Han



Xi calls for strengthened awareness of Constitution

Chinese President Xi Jinping is calling for greater awareness of the Constitution and a better understanding of the rule of law.
Xi Jingping has made the comments ahead of this country's first Constitution Day, which falls today.
The President says Constitution Day should be used to promote the awareness of the country's fundamental laws.
The promotion of the 'rule of law' in China has been pointed to as one of the pillars of Xi Jinping's administration.

Suspect arrested for shooting dead two superiors at bank in Liaoning

The suspect who shot and killed two of his superiors at a bank in Liaoning has been arrested.
The 54-year-old man is an employee of a local sub-branch of the People's Bank of China.
Two others were injured in the attack.
Police say the incident may have been the result of a dispute over a personal debt.
Media reports are suggesting the suspect used a pair of hunting rifles during the shooting.
Mass shootings in China are extremely rare.
While personal gun ownership in China is mostly illegal, people living in rural areas with the proper permits are allowed to maintain rifles to protect their livestock.

Taiwan appoints new chief administrator

Taiwan deputy chief administrator Mao Chi-kuo has been appointed as chief of the executive body on Wednesday, replacing Jiang Yi-huah, who resigned on Saturday.
Mao, born in 1948, was promoted to deputy chief administrator in 2013 after having long been in charge of Taiwan's transport and communications authority.
His predecessor Jiang was appointed chief administrator in February, 2013.
In an act of solidarity for the incumbent party's defeat in the local Taiwan elections on Saturday, all officials from the Taiwan administrative authority resigned on Monday.

Iran denies air strikes against IS in Iraq

The Iranian government is rejecting US reports that Iranian forces launched airstrikes against Islamic State targets in eastern Iraq this week.
Word of this has also created speculation Iran may be cooperating, in one form or another, with the US-backed coalition which has been battling the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.
US Secretary of State John Kerry helped fuel this suggestion of Iran's support for the coalition by saying he was not going to confirm or make any announcements on the issue.
At the same time, he did say any action taken by Iran against the Islamic State would be "positive".

ICC sets deadline to finalize Kenyatta case

The International Criminal Court has given prosecutors one-week to either move forward with a case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta or drop the charges against him.
In making the announcement, the ICC has also rejected a prosecution request for a further delay in the case to gather more evidence.
Kenyatta is facing charges of Crimes Against Humanity in connection with the post-election violence which ripped through Kenya following a previous vote in 2009.
The court action against him in The Hague has already been delayed several times, with prosecutors claiming his government has been interfering in the investigation.

Filipino detained for drug trafficking

Chinese authorities have detained a person from the Philippines on suspicion of drug trafficking at the Ningbo customs port in Zhejiang.
The man was found carrying 5 kilograms of methamphetamines in his luggage.
Authorities suspect the man was planning to take the Meth to the Philippines via Hong Kong.

Palace Museum waived entry fee for 4000 teachers Wednesday

Some four thousand teachers have taken time to tour the Forbidden City for free yesterdsay.
The teachers have taken advantage of a new program launched by the Palace Museum, which allows for certain professions to be allowed into Beijing's largest historical attraction for free on certain days over the next few months.
Other groups which are going to be given a free pass to the Forbidden City in the future will include students, soldiers, police officers, medical staff and volunteers.
The plan is meant to generate more interest in learning about China's ancient history among China's key grass-roots sectors.
But at the same time, it's also meant to funnel more people through the Forbidden City during the off-season months from December to April so these groups will be less likely to want to visit the site during the peak tourist months.

Qualcomm Faces $1 bln Fine, Cut in Fees

Chinese authorities have reportedly completed an anti-monopoly investigation into US chip producer Qualcomm.
While details of the investigation have yet to be revealed, industry insiders are expecting Qualcomm is going to face fines of over a billion US dollars.
It's expected Qualcomm is also going to be forced to reduce its licensing fees in China and to remove its cross-licensing agreements with Chinese smartphone producers.
The cross-licensing agreement has allowed Qualcomm the right to the patents of Chinese smartphone producers that use Qualcomm's chips.
Under the agreements, Chinese smartphone makers are unable to charge patent fees to Qualcomm's clients.
The National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic regulator, has been investigating the company since December of last year.





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