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霜降Frost's Descent的传统
   2014-10-28 11:12:10    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Han


The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Frost's Descent, the 18th solar term of the year, begins this year on Oct 23 and ends on Nov 7.

Frost's Descent is the last solar term of autumn, during which time the weather becomes much colder than before and frost begins to appear.

Here are eight things you should know about Frost's Descent.

Frosty autumn 寒冷深秋来了

Frost consists of white ice crystals of frozen water vapor near the ground. During Frost's Descent, frost begins to appear. But in the lower reaches of the Yellow River region, frost first appears in late October or early November. As Frost's Descent comes, the world is filled with the atmosphere of late autumn.


Eating persimmons 吃柿子

Eating persimmons during Frost's Descent can help people resist the cold and protect their bones. In the countryside, people believe that their lips will crack if they don't eat persimmons during this period.


Eating apples 吃苹果

The apple is one kind of recommended fruit during Frost's Descent. There are many sayings about apples' benefits in China, such as “Eat an apple after meals, even old men can be as strong as young men,” just as the Western proverb goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples can moisten the lungs, quench one's thirst and help one's digestion.


Eating pears 吃梨

The pear is another recommended fruit during Frost's Descent, which can promote the secretion of body liquids, clear away heat and reduce sputum.


Eating duck 吃鸭子

It's a custom to eat duck on the first day of Frost's Descent in south Fujian province and Taiwan. There is a saying in Fujian which goes, “Even nourishing all year is not as good as nourishing the human body on the first day of Frost's Descent.” Eating duck is a way for people there to gain weight.



Eating chestnuts 吃板栗

Eating chestnuts during Frost's Descent is beneficial for one's health. Chestnuts have a warm nature and sweet flavor, and are good for nourishing the spleen and stomach, invigorating the circulation of blood, relieving coughs and reducing sputum.

Eating dates 吃枣

The date is one of the fruits on the market during Frost's Descent. Nutritious with a great number of vitamins, dates can nourish the blood, decrease blood pressure, and improve one's immunity. But eating too many could be harmful. Rotten dates can cause headaches and dizziness or even put people's lives in danger.





我国古代将霜降分为三候:“一候豺乃祭兽;二候草木黄落;三候蜇虫咸俯。” 此节气中豺狼将捕获的猎物先陈列后再食用;大地上的树叶枯黄掉落;蜇虫也全在洞中不动不食,垂下头来进入冬眠状态中。











立春 the Beginning of Spring (1st solar term)Feb.3,4, or 5
雨水 Rain Water (2nd solar term)Feb.18,19 or 20
惊蛰 the Waking of Insects (3rd solar term)Mar.5,6, or 7
春分 the Spring Equinox (4th solar term)Mar.20,21 or 22
清明 Pure Brightness (5th solar term)Apr.4,5 or 6
谷雨 Grain Rain (6th solar term)Apr.19,20 or 21
立夏 the Beginning of Summer (7th solar term)May 5,6 or 7
小满 Lesser Fullness of Grain (8th solar term)May 20,21 or 22
芒种 Grain in Beard (9th solar term)Jun.5,6 or 7
夏至 the Summer Solstice (10th solar term)Jun.21 or 22
小暑 Lesser Heat (11th solar term)Jul.6,7 or 8
大暑 Greater Heat (12th solar term)Jul.22,23 or 24
立秋 the Beginning of Autumn (13th solar term)Aug.7,8 or 9
处暑 the End of Heat (14th solar term)Aug.22,23 or 24
白露 White Dew (15th solar term)Sep.7,8 or 9
秋分 the Autumn Equinox (16th solar term)Sep.22,23 or 24
寒露 Cold Dew (17th solar term)Oct.8 or 9
霜降 Frost\'s Descent (18th solar term)Oct.23 or 24
立冬 the Beginning of Winter (19th solar term)Nov.7 or 8
小雪 Lesser Snow (20th solar term)Nov.22 or 23
大雪 Greater Snow (21th solar term)Dec.6,7 or 8
冬至 the Winter Solstice (22th solar term)Dec.21,22 or 23
小寒 Lesser Cold (23th solar term)Jan.5,6 or 7
大寒 Greater Cold (24th solar term)Jan.20 or 2



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