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Chinese Sounding Rocket Launched
Chinese scientists launched a sounding rocket from south China's Hainan Province in the early hours of Wednesday.
Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)Establishes the Satellite Control Ground Station for EU QB50 Project in Asia
On April 24, 2016, the very day when the first Chinese Aerospace Day was set up, the satellite control ground station for UN QB50 Project in Asia was established and put into use in NPU.
China Unveils Ambitious Plans to Explore the Universe
China has released details of a series of ambitious plans for space exploration in the coming years. They include the country's Mars mission probe and the completion of space station.
Solar Plane Lands in California after Crossing Pacific
The world's largest solar powered airplane, the Solar Impulse 2, has landed in California to complete its three-day flight across the Pacific.
China Aiming for Reusable Manned Spacecraft
China is studying how to retrieve and reuse manned spacecraft in its future missions, the chief engineer of the nation's manned space program said on the country's Space Day. Xi Expects New Development; China's1st-ever "Space Day"
Huge Room for China-Russia Cooperation in Space
China and Russia have good mechanism for cooperation in space and aerospace, and the room for cooperation is "huge", according to the head of China's space administration.
Solar Plane Embarks on World Journey

The world's largest solar powered airplane is now taking part in the latest leg of its around-the-world journey after undergoing 10 months of repair in Hawaii.

China to Become Aerospace Power by 2030
Xu said at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office that China is a major country pursuing aerospace development and aims to become a true aerospace power in 15 years, thanks in part to the 13th Five-year plan to drive aerospace growth.
Dot Vip to Open Registry on May 18th
Dot VIP, a top level domain name, is scheduled to open registry both in and outside China on May 18th.
China Approves Mars Probe Program
China's Mars exploration program has been formally approved by the central authorities, China National Space Administration announced on Friday. China to Become Aerospace Power by 2030
China Developing Robotic Arms for Space Stations: Source
Chinese scientists are developing robotic arms for the country's space program, sources close to the research said Thursday. The arm is capable of both payload lifting and precision maneuvers while in space.
Chinese Scientists Figure Out Zika Virus NS1 Protein Structure
Chinese scientists say they have worked out the structure of the Zika virus NS1 protein.
China's First Space 3D Printer Developed
It's been announced that China has developed its first zero-gravity 3D printer.
UK Factory to Manufacture DNA
A new factory has just opened in the United Kingdom. Instead of making steel or assembling cars, the new unit has a workforce of automated robots manufacturing the building blocks of life.
Innovative In-ear Headsets "a Big Help" for Military Personnel
A Scandinavian company has won several military contracts with its ground breaking jawbone technology headsets.
Why Your Pets Are Related to Nuclear Security?
Are there any ties between small, gentle animals like rabbits and rats and nuclear safety?
Smart Grid: A New Revolution for Energy Consumption
As more and more electronic devices become indispensable parts of our lives, a smarter energy network has been called for at the 2016 Global Energy Interconnection Conference being held this week here in Beijing.
Futuristic "Lunar Village" May Come True: ESA Head
Some scientists are imagining a futuristic lunar "village" on the Moon's surface, created using smart 3D-printing rovers, to create structures from the Moon's own natural sources.
Baidu Develops AI Algorithm to Predict Crowds
Chinese search engine Baidu has developed an algorithm that predicts whether crowds are likely to form at certain locations, and within two hours. The new service can be used to prevent stampedes, and will uses data from Baidu's map app.
Wireless Mouse Could Leave Computers at Hacking Risk
New firmware upgrades are now being offered amid suggestions hackers have begun finding a way to use wireless mouse connections to attack computers.
Apple Unveils Smaller iPhone for New Consumers
Apple Inc. on Monday unveiled a smaller, cheaper iPhone aimed at new buyers, especially in emerging markets and China, the world's biggest buyer of smartphones, as the technology company looks to reverse a decline in worldwide sales of its most important product.
1st Chevron Gorgon Project LNG shipment departs Australia for Japan
The first shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Chevron's Gorgon Project has departed Australia for Japan.
China Makes Every Effort to Push Forward Technology Innovation
In a bid to upgrade the manufacturing sector, the Chinese central government rolled out the "Made in China 2025" program last year, which is designed to transform China into a world manufacturing power.
AlphaGo Wins 4th Victory over Lee Sedol in Final Go Match
Google's Go-playing computer program AlphaGo on Tuesday won its fourth victory over Lee Sedol, the world champion of the ancient Chinese board game, in the final match of the best-of-five series.
Methane on Mars? Rocket Mission To Find Life
A Russian rocket has lifted off from Kazakhstan in a new mission to find life on Mars.
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