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China-made satellites in high demand
China Great Wall Industry Corp, the nation's only authorized firm for international space collaboration, will launch Venezuela's second remote sensing satellite next year and Pakistan's first remote sensing satellite in 2018.
Automated friends keep seniors company, will one day do more
Since May, four robots have been helping elderly people at a nursing home in Hangzhou, the provincial capital.Experts say robots which serve seniors are needed in aging societies, but machines can never replicate the emotional care which human beings can provide.
China launches 4th data relay satellite

China successfully launched the Tianlian I-04 satellite on Tuesday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

15 leading digital inventions in spotlight at World Internet Conference
Fifteen different scientific and technological achievements made through internet technology are being highlighted at this year's World Internet Conference in the water-town of Wuzhen in Zhejiang.
Life changing digital technology in spotlight at Internet summit
Fifteen of the latest digital inventions, ranging from Tesla's autonomous vehicle to a new generation of semi-conductors, were on show on Wednesday at the third World Internet Conference (WIC) held in east China.
15 cutting-edge technologies shine at World Internet Conference
15 world leading Internet scientific and technological achievements were released on Wednesday afternoon during the third World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.
Chinese scientist Zhao Dongyuan wins TWAS-Lenovo Prize
Chinese scientist Zhao Dongyuan scooped the 2016 TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize for his works on nano materials.
China successfully develops world-class high field magnet
Chinese scientists announced on Monday they have created a world-class steady-state magnetic field, whose intensity reached 400,000 gauss, or 40 tesla, second only to that of the United States.
China's TaihuLight wins world's fastest supercomputer crown again
China's Sunway TaihuLight has unsurprisingly taken the crown of the world's fastest machine again, according to the latest edition of the semiannual Top500 list of supercomputers released Monday.
China's 'Mud Dragon' fossil could be missing link
Nicknamed 'The Muddy Dragon' a fossil discovered in Jiangxi Province in east China suggests that a new family of dinosaurs was flourishing just before the mass extinction. The fossil of the birdlike species was found almost intact on a building site lying on its front with its wings and neck outstretched.
Astronauts grow lettuce in space, but can not eat it
The two Chinese astronauts, Jin Haipeng and Chen Dong, have successfully grown some vegetables in the weightless lab. They planted the lettuce late October in a 3D-printed cultivation box filled with vermiculite.
Chinese aircraft manufacturer launches internet-based, global "Moore Cloud" platform
COMAC America Corporation has launched the "Moore Cloud Civil Aviation Technology Solutions platform," an internet-based virtual R&D, technical consulting and technology transaction online platform.
Doctor grows ear on ARM
A plastic surgeon in China has successfully grown an artificial ear on a man's forearm in a cutting-edge medical procedure.
China's new satellite to help future deep space navigation
China has launched a new type of navigation satellite which is expected to lead to the development of autonomous space craft. The X-ray pulsar navigation satellite will help reduce a spacecraft's reliance on Earth-based navigation methods.
Technology adds luster to 11.11 shopping festival
The day of November 11, nicknamed Singles Day in China, has not yet arrived, but domestic e-commerce conglomerates have already geared up for the battle of the 11.11 shopping festival, the country's biggest annual online shopping spree since it was created on November 11, 2009.
Airshow China demonstrates potential of private jet industry in China
Airplane manufacturers around the world have been exhibiting their aircraft for private use at the ongoing Airshow China in south China's Zhuhai, with companies looking to capture a piece of the growing Chinese market.
Beyond military and space aircraft, civil technologies shine at Airshow China
Beyond impressive fly-by's by military aircraft, digital flight systems, affordable means of air travel and the latest drones are also exciting visitors to this year's Airshow China.
China successfully launches its largest carrier rocket
China has successfully launched its largest carrier rocket, the Long March-5, in south China on Thursday night. The launch of the rocket marks a new step forward under China's space plans, which include probes on the Moon and Mars, as well as building its own manned space station.
Kuaizhou-1 scheduled to launch in December
China plans to launch Kuaizhou-1 solid-fuelled carrier rocket in December, a breakthrough in its commercial rocket launches.
China developing fastest supercomputer again
China has started to build a prototype supercomputer system with an estimated peak performance of over 1,000 quadrillion calculations per second, ten times that of the current fastest computer, researchers said Wednesday.
Nuclear power plants using homegrown technology set to begin operation in 2020
Two nuclear facilities using Hualong One technology, a domestically developed third-generation reactor design, are under construction at the site of the Fuqing nuclear plant in eastern China¡¯s Fujian province. The construction is on schedule, with the plant slated to begin operation by 2020.
China to launch first e-commerce satellite in 2017
China plans to launch its first e-commerce satellite in 2017, with the primary purpose of using satellite data in agriculture. The plan was announced on Monday during an international aviation and aerospace forum in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.
Chinese firm recalls products used in US cyber-attack
A Chinese electronics components firm said it will recall some of its products that were allegedly used to launch a cyber-attack in the United States last Friday, but refused to take the main responsibility.
China's "Little Bee" searches for strongest blasts in universe
A square-shaped probe, dubbed "Little Bee" by Chinese scientists, is searching for gamma-ray bursts, the strongest explosions in the universe.
China "well prepared" to launch Chang'e-5 lunar probe in 2017: top scientist
China is well prepared to launch the Chang'e-5 lunar probe in 2017 to collect and bring back moon rock samples for scientific research.
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