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Smartphone-based VR Goggles on HTC Agenda
Taiwan-based electronic product manufacturer HTC is working on developing smartphone-based virtual reality goggles. The move comes after HTC opened pre-orders for its new Vive VR headsets which cost 800 US dollars.
Exploiting Earth-moon Space: China's Ambition after Space Station
A senior military official says China will manage to exploit the space between earth and the moon for solar power and other resources after it builds a space station in 2020.
Chinese Scientists Find Jurassic Herbaceous Angiosperm Plant Fossil
Paleobotanists have found fossils of perhaps world's earliest herbaceous angiosperm plant from the mid-Jurassic period (more than 164 million years ago) in north China's Inner Mongolia.
Mars Probe to be Launched in 2020
China is planning to launch a Mars probe in 2020 to carry out an independent exploration of the Red Planet.
Self Driving Cars Shine at Geneva Motor Show
Autonomous driving is one of the major themes at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. Big manufacturers are showing concept cars that drive themselves and industry analysts say that these cars could be the future of driving.
China to Use Data Relay Satellite to Explore Dark Side of Moon
China will launch a data relay satellite to ensure communication between Earth and the lunar probe during an expedition to the far side of the moon, Ye Peijian, chief scientist with China's lunar exploration program, said Tuesday.
Researchers Discover Monsoon-forecasting Abilities in Tibetan Plants
A recent study by Chinese and German researchers showed for the first time that Tibetan alpine meadow plants can be used to forecast monsoon rain, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
China to Launch Second Space Lab Tiangong-2 in Q3
China will send its second orbiting space lab into space in the third quarter of this year, which is expected to dock with a cargo ship scheduled to be launched in the first half of next year.
State-of-art Products at Mobile World Congress in Spain
From digital pop-up books, food printers to waterproof smartphones, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has attracted many technical companies worldwide to show off their state-of-art products.
Chinese Icebreaker Completes Second Trip around Antarctica
Chinese icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, rounded off its second tour around Antarctica on Saturday. The 75-day trip of over 18,000 nautical miles was also the research vessel's first counterclockwise voyage around the ice-covered continent.
Mark Zuckerberg Visits Berlin
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a 2-day visit to Berlin for his latest 'town hall meetings.' Germany has recently pressured the American company to stamp out online hate speech against refugees.
Xiaomi Launches New Flagship Smartphone
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi released its new smartphone - the Mi5 - on Wednesday. The Mi5 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The price of the basic version is 2-thousand yuan or 300 U.S. dollars.
Chinese Smartphone Makers in the Spotlight at Mobile World Congress
Chinese smartphone makers have been continually gaining ground in the global market as of late. Huawei, TCL Alcatel, Xiaomi and Lenovo are among the Chinese smartphone brands exhibiting this week at the Mobile World Congress.
Top Go Player Prepares to Face AlphaGO Machine
A decade after Gary Kasparov put his Chess acumen up against a computer, a similar competition - with a Chinese twist - is set to take place.
Huawei Shares Vision of Connected World at MWC in Barcelona
Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei, aims to share its vision of a connected world during the four days of the Mobile World Congress.
Detailed Rules Released for Deep Mind Match in March
Detailed rules were released on Monday at the second press conference for the five-game match between Lee Se-dol and Alpha GO.
Virgin Galactic Rolls out New Space Tourism Rocket Plane
The commercial spaceflight company Virgin Galactic has rolled out a new version of its space tourism rocket plane.
Researchers Tap GPS for Faster Tsunami Warnings
Researchers at University of California, Berkeley, believe that global position system instruments could provide more rapid and more accurate warning of a tsunami.
Chinese Scientists Invent Leak Detection System for Moon Exploration
Chinese scientists have developed a system to measure the leak rate for a vacuum environment which will be used in the country's third step moon exploration program.
Pratt&Whitney, China Eastern Airlines Sign Agreement to Incorporate V2500 Engine in Shanghai
Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp., together with joint venture partner, China Eastern Airlines, signed an agreement on Tuesday during the Singapore Airshow to incorporate V2500 engine overhaul capability in their facility in Shanghai, China.
China to Launch Domestic Gravitational Wave Research Project
Tianqin, China's domestic gravitational wave research project initiated by the Sun Yat-sen University in July 2015, is awaiting governmental approval.
US Scientists Engineering the Future of Diabetes Treatment
Two labs in the United States looking to change the way that diabetes is treated and ultimately cured.
Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years after Einstein's Prediction -- U.S. Scientists
U.S. scientists said Thursday they have detected the existence of gravitational waves, which were predicted by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity 100 years ago.
Shanda Group Plans to Make VR Theme Park Reality
Shanda Group, a Chinese online gaming operator, is planning to build the country's first virtual reality theme park. The Shanghai-based company has also pledged to invest 350 million US dollars into the VR sector.
China Works toward Artemisinin Lupus Treatment
The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) is considering an application for clinical testing of the antimalarial artemisinin in treating lupus.
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