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China to jump supercomputer barrier
China has started to build a new-generation supercomputer that is expected to be 10 times faster than the current world champion.
Chinese affordable lung cancer drug hits market
A generic targeted drug to treat cancer manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company hit market over the weekend.
UAE plans to build city on Mars
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that it plans to build a city on Mars by 2117.
India launches 104 satellites in single space mission
India on Wednesday launched a record 104 satellites in a single space mission from the spaceport of Sriharikota in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.
China plans to launch 1st cargo spacecraft as early as mid-April
China plans to launch its first cargo spacecraft via a Long March-7 Y2 carrier rocket in April, sources said Monday.
Aspirin, more than painkiller, can help prevent cancer: study
Aspirin has been used as a medication to treat pain, fever and inflammation, but a new study shows that daily doses of aspirin could also help ward off cancer.
China to introduce review commission on cyber security
A commission will be established to deliberate important policies on cyber security and organize reviews, according to a document released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Tuesday.
Re-printable "Magic paper" by US and China researchers
Researchers from Shandong University in east China and the University of California, Riverside in the US have created paper which can stand to be re-printed on scores of times, reported the Daily Mail in the UK.
Ancient sea creatures found in China may have link to humans
Researchers have discovered traces of what may be the earliest known prehistoric ancestor of human beings, calling into question decades of research into human evolution.
China unveils top names for Mars spacecraft
China has released a short list of eight names for the country's first Mars spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch by 2020.
Chinese scientist eyes 300 kg/mu yield of sea-rice in 3 years
Yuan Longping, renowned Chinese developer of hybrid rice, said recently during an academic forum in south China's Sanya that his team plans to increase the yield of salt-resistant hybrid rice to 300 kilograms per mu (667 square meters) in three years.
China's hi-res SAR imaging satellite put into use
China's first high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite has passed all its in-orbit tests and is now operational, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense on Monday.
China to build world's brightest light source facility
China plans to build a next-generation synchrotron radiation facility in Beijing, according to a researcher from Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the country's top research institutes.
China to build manned submersible capable of reaching all seabeds
China has begun to develop a manned submersible capable of taking a crew to all of the earth's seafloors, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) said.
Chinese surgeons use 3D printer in pediatric heart surgery
Chinese surgeons in a central China hospital have succeeded in performing two complex pediatric heart surgeries using 3D printing technology.
Scientist interprets Catalog of marine creatures collected in the Qing Palace
A popular scientist who studies insects and animals has recently published a new book, providing a detailed analysis on an ancient catalog of marine creatures.
E-sports major offered by Chinese university
The burgeoning e-sports sector is set to become a research area, as Communication University of China will allow students to major in e-sports studies starting from this year, reported Chinanews.com.
World's first quantum satellite finishes in-orbit test
The world's first Quantum communications satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale(QUESS), independently designed and launched by China in August last year, has finished its four-month in-orbit test and was put into service on January 18th, reports ce.cn.
Blue Monday, or is it?
Mondays. Many of us loathe them and many of us get the Monday blues. Today those blues are recognised with Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year, apparently.
China develops world's brightest EUV free electron laser
Chinese scientists announced they have built a facility that can generate the world's brightest extreme ultraviolet (EUV) free electron laser.
Private Chinese firm inks int'l contract for commercial rocket launch
Landspace Technology Corporation, a private aerospace company based in Beijing, said it has secured a contract with Gomspace, a Danish company, to launch a series of satellites.
SpaceX launches first flight 4 months after explosion
U.S. space firm SpaceX got back to launching rockets on Saturday, four months after an explosion on the launchpad that caused the company to suspend flights.
China's commercial rocket Kuaizhou-1A launches three satellites in first mission
Kuaizhou-1A, a Chinese commercial space launch vehicle, has carried out its first mission and sent three satellites into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.
China starts building its first indigenous expedition icebreaker
China's first domestic-built icebreaker for polar scientific expeditions is now under construction at the Jiangnan Shipyard Co. Ltd. Once finished, the new icebreaker will be able to continuously break ice as thick as 1.5 meters, while sailing at a speed of two to three knots.
Tech breakthrough on nib to help China's ballpoint industry
Chinese ballpoint pen companies could finally end its total dependence on imports of high standard steel for pen nib as breakthrough technology on the part has been proven a success.
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