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Former senior Taiwan affairs official stands trial for graft
A former senior official with the Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs body stood trial in Henan Province for graft on Wednesday.
China eyes tougher air pollution controls in Beijing, nearby regions
China will impose tougher controls on air pollution in Beijing and nearby regions this year to combat heavy smog, closing illegal plants and slashing steel production, a senior environmental official said Wednesday.
Sichuan company criticised for making employees work in unfinished offices
A company in Sichuan province has been criticised for insisting its employees work in their offices during construction work. Lawyers say the company may have violated the law.
High tech connected classrooms defined as education priority in China
Full internet coverage in primary and middle schools where possible, with multimedia classrooms in at least 80 percent of schools, has been held up as a key goal for this year by the Ministry of Education.
Beijing to further regulate public square dancing
People who gather to dance in public places in Beijing - so called Square Dancers - could be punished if their activities cause a public nuisance.
Shanghai patient records to be linked to emergency response system
The health records of citizens living in the northwestern part of Shanghai are to be linked to the city's emergency rescue system by next year, reports thepaper.cn.
Couriers ride horses to deliver parcels in snow
It seems the Pony Express is no longer a story from America's Wild West!
Xi stresses precision in battle against poverty
President Xi Jinping underscored the importance of precision in the battle against poverty, saying that poverty relief targets should be accomplished as scheduled.
Life sentence for UK barman who beat Chinese girlfriend to death
A British barman who was found guilty of beating his Chinese girlfriend to death has been sentenced to life in prison.
JD.com sets up world's first low altitude UAV logistics network in northwest China
China's e-commerce giant JD.com has signed an agreement with northwest China's Shaanxi provincial government to set up the world's first low altitude UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicles logistics network covering the whole province.
Meet the snow-busting tank!
Baotou city in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has revealed a new weapon in its snow clearing armory - a tank-like vehicle, complete with caterpillar tracks and bogie wheels, but with a huge snow blower where the turret should be, reports YNET.com.
Mainland calls on Taiwan to improve tourism safety
A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Wednesday called on Taiwan to reflect on multiple recent tourism accidents and take effective measures to enhance safety management and remove safety hazards.
China commissions new naval training ship
The Chinese navy on Tuesday commissioned a new training ship at a military port in Lyushun, northeast China's Liaoning Province, the PLA Daily reported Wednesday.
Kim's death impacts North Korea's image in China
Chinese readers seem to be convinced that the death of Kim Jong-nam is not a case of simple murder, but a serious political incident, a special neighbor for the Chinese people, therefore the news is sensational and intriguing for some Chinese readers.
Nuclear energy deals signed and trade promoted as French PM visits China
China and France signed new agreements in the fields of nuclear energy and aerospace exploration as part of a visit to Beijing by French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, with both sides also promising increased trade opportunities.
China's air quality worsens in January
Chinese cities suffered from more days of air pollution in January, with northern areas being the worst affected, official data showed Tuesday.
Scientists complete drilling task in South China Sea
Scientists on Tuesday completed the first drilling task of an expedition to the South China Sea.
China leadership pledges stability, progress in key reform areas
China's top leadership on Tuesday pledged to stick to the basic tone of "seeking progress while maintaining stability" in 2017, aiming for more progress from supply-side structural reform. CPC meeting discusses draft government work report
Pension funds of seven Chinese regions entrusted for investment
Seven Chinese provincial-level regions, including Beijing and Shanghai, have started entrusting their pension funds to the National Council for Social Security Fund (NCSSF) for investment.
China helps upgrade Myanmar hospital
China is helping in renovation of a major hospital in Myanmar's economic hub Yangon.
South African hoteliers work hard to woo more Chinese visitors
In 2016, South Africa¡¯s tourism ministry launched a public-private partnership to train staff from hotels showing a high proportion of Chinese guests.
PLA Navy lauds new regulation on management of radio broadcasts
Members from a flying corps of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), also known as the PLA Navy, are lauding the country's new regulations on radio broadcasts in communities around its garrison.
China, South Africa to boost BRICS cooperation
South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane was in Beijing on Sunday to discuss bilateral relations and promote inclusive and balanced globalisation efforts as part of BRICS initiatives.
Snow in north China disrupts traffic, flights
Snow across north China on Tuesday caused road closures and delayed flights.
Updated textbooks on China's war against Japanese aggression put into use
Students in middle and elementary schools of China have all received new textbooks that changed the duration of China's war against Japanese aggression from 8 years to 14 years, reported Beijing Youth Daily.
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