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A walk to remember- Castro and China
   2016-11-26 17:45:05    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Min Rui

[File photo: Xinhua]

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For China, Fidel Castro has a special position in many peoples' hearts.

In some sense, he is regarded as a brother, a comrade and a friend of Chinese people.

Under his leadership, citizens of Cuba overturned the Batista's government and became the only communist country in Latin America today. Moreover, he led Cuba to become the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with China.

Cuba and China are both communist countries. Not only do they share the same interests in economy and trade, but people in the two countries also have a strong favorable impression of each other.

Most of the old Chinese generations still remember the song, "The beauty of Havana, there is my home¡­," which was popular during the 1960's in China, when the Chinese were celebrating the success of the Cuban Revolution.


Here we look back

on the 66 years of

our old friend Fidel Castro

to memorize his friendship with China



Xi Jinping visits Castro twice in three years

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in Havana, capital of Cuba on July 22, 2014 which was his last stop of a Latin American trip.

At Castro's residence in Havana, Xi said he had high regards for Castro, who had long worked for promoting China-Cuba relations. Xi extended good wishes to Castro on his upcoming 88th birthday, while Castro sent his regards to the Chinese people.

Giving Xi a tour of his farm, Castro pointed out the moringa and mulberries ¡ª past presents from China. Castro said growing moringa and mulberries can help produce animal feed in Cuba.

Echoing his Cuban friend, Xi said he brought some more seeds of both as presents for Castro to honor the friendship the two countries have formed.

It was Xi's first visit to Cuba as President, however Xi visited the country and met with Castro in 2011 when he was vice-president.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in Havana, capital of Cuba, July 22, 2014. Xi Jinping and Fidel Castro exchanged views on bilateral ties, the international situation and other issues of common concern. [Photo: Xinhua]


Li Keqiang and Castro

Premier Li Keqiang met with Fidel Castro, the then 90-year-old leader of the Cuban Revolution, on September 25, 2016, during his visit to the island nation in an expression of respect for the legendary revolutionary.

Fidel Castro said that Cuba and China enjoy a profound friendship. Since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations over 50 years ago, great changes have taken place in China. He is pleased to see the development China has achieved, and admires the Chinese people for their diligence and unyielding spirit.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang talks with Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in Havana, capital of Cuba, September 26, 2016. The sit-down with the 90-year old Castro took place before Li Keqiang wrapped up his official visit to the country. [Photo: Xinhua]


Castro and Mao Zedong: Gift pistol with Mao's name engraved on it

The fact is Castro and Mao Zedong never met, however the two shared same ideas in Guerrilla warfare and tactics.

In the spring of 1964, the then Chinese ambassador to Cuba, Shen Jian, returned home and passed on a gift from Castro to Mao Zedong, which is an US-made M1911A1 pistol with Mao's full name engraved on it.

The pistol was a war spoil from the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion, and is now kept in China's Military Museum in downtown Beijing.

In 1995, Fidel Castro visited China for the first time, and he paid tribute to him at Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall.

Fidel Castro visits the memorial hall of Chairman Mao Zedong and places a wreath at the statue of Chairman Mao on December 2, 1995. [Photo: sina.com]


Castro, winner of China's Confucius Peace Prize

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been awarded the Confucius Peace Prize, China's version of the Nobel Prize in 2014.

He won the prize for not using force while dealing with international disputes, especially against the U.S., as well as important contributions to eliminating nuclear weapons upon his retirement from the presidency in 2008.

A Cuban exchange student received this year's award on Castro's behalf at a ceremony.



the memories

go on


Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro (C) hugs the then Chinese President Jiang Zemin (L) and waves goodbye together with his brother Raul Castro to Jiang Zemin at Varadero Airport in Matanzas, Cuba, on April 15, 2001. On that day, Jiang Zemin ended his three-day visit to Cuba. [Photo: sina.com]

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro hugs the then Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji (R) on February 27, 2003. According to a Xinhua report, Zhu Rongji introduced China's economy, the setting up of a socialist market economic system and reforms of state owned enterprises at the request of his guest. [Photo: sina.com]

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro (L) holds hands with Hu Jintao, the then Vice President of China, at the Great Hall of the People on February 27, 2003. Fidel Castro appreciated the great changes that China had made over the 20 years of reform and opening-up. [Photo: sina.com]

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro (R) waves hands with the then Chinese President Hu Jintao at Havana Revolutionary Palace, Cuba, on November 22, 2004. At that time, Fidel Castro used a cane in order to stand up. [Photo: sina.com]

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