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Why Your Pets Are Related to Nuclear Security?
   2016-04-01 14:20:31    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu
Anchor: Are there any ties between small, gentle animals like rabbits and rats and nuclear safety?

The answer is Yes. That's according to our Washington journalist Laiming, who has made some interesting discoveries about pets and nuclear security.

Let's find out more.

Reporter: At the China Pavilion of 2016 Nuclear Security Summit Expo, I learnt why small animals like rabbits and mole rats, or your common stray pets, are related to nuclear security.

Initially I was at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC to cover the ongoing 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, but since I arrived a bit too early, I decided to hang around the Expo area and check out on some cool stuff they have on display there.

That was when I met Mr. Xu Zhenhua, a research fellow at China's newly-built Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security. He is quite an early bird himself and apparently knows a lot about the compound and is willing and able to explain it in an interesting way.

"Sometimes small animals can trigger the alarm, but those are small-scale alarms. Through numerous simulations and exercises, we've developed a series of methods to determine the weight and size of the intruder. If it is too insignificant, we can rule it out as false alarm."

He was describing the multitude of safety hardware, practices and precautions at the COE's physical protection testing field.Layers and layers of perimeter detection and assessment system, including microwave, infrared, vibration, buried cable sensors and video surveillance devices, turn the compound into an impregnable fortress.

Using ideas stolen from spy movies, I tried to play terrorist and simulated intrusive attempts into the building models that Mr. Xu has so conscientiously pieced together. But apparently all the creativity of the world's story writers isn't enough to help me pass through the COE's defenses. My last resort of an aerial attack was breezily waved off by the scholar wielding optical sensors and more.

"Surely we can detect them through the optical lenses. And our means are not limited to just this. Once preliminary detection is triggered, we have other follow-up measure to assess, and respond to, the alarm. Once the alarm has been proved to be true, we'll send the response force to the spot."

The response force too will have gone through a myriad of live fire and non-live fire training and exercise process to master a range of tactical solutions to different scenarios.

These hardware and institutions make up the architecture of nuclear security standards being designed, improved and taught at the facility, and it can all be shared among other nuclear facilities.

"New nuclear facilities being built in China, such as power plants and other facilities, all comply with the latest and strictest standards. China's nuclear authority, the CAEA, also sanctions and reviews these projects according to these standards, so that all nuclear-related projects in China meet the requirements on nuclear security."

Other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world seeking peaceful development of atomic energy can also join in and share the valuable experience. After all, the purpose of Centers of Excellence is to lead by example. The Center may have just been opened two weeks ago, but already trainees are taking up the dormitories, and I hope they don't keep large pets running around the campus.
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