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Report on the Work of the Government (10)
   2016-03-17 21:35:17    Xinhua      Web Editor: Huang Yue

-- The foundation of agriculture will be strengthened.

We will complete our work nationwide on designating permanent basic cropland and provide special protection for such cropland, promote the development of high-standard cropland, improve the subsoil of an additional ten million hectares of cropland, and increase the area of cropland covered by efficient water-saving irrigation by 1.33 million hectares. We will explore trials of crop rotation and fallow land. We will promote the innovation and application of agricultural science and technology. We will promote green, high-yield, and cost efficient food crop production and achieve zero growth in the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. In fiscal allocations, investment in agriculture will be ensured, a national agricultural credit guaranty system will be established, the agricultural insurance system and rural financial services will be improved, and more investment in agricultural modernization will be encouraged.

-- We will improve public services and facilities in rural areas.

We will step up the development of rural infrastructure. An additional 200,000 kilometers of rural roads will be built or upgraded. In towns, townships, and incorporated villages, where conditions allow, efforts should be stepped up to build paved roads and provide access to bus services. We will act promptly to launch a new round of efforts to upgrade rural power grids, and our goal is to ensure a stable and reliable supply of power to all rural areas and all electric pumpsets on rural flatlands within the next two years. We will build on past progress to make further advances in providing access to safe drinking water. We will encourage the introduction of e-commerce into rural areas. We will work hard to improve rural living environments, building an even more livable and beautiful countryside.

-- We will combat poverty.

This year, we will help more than ten million rural residents lift themselves out of poverty, including over two million poor residents who are to be relocated from inhospitable areas, and continue to rebuild the dilapidated housing of poor rural households. Central government funds for poverty alleviation efforts will be increased by 43.4%. In poor counties, various funds for rural development will be integrated. We will take targeted measures to alleviate and eliminate poverty in light of local conditions. We will channel significant energy into cultivating business operations with distinctive local features in support of employment and business development.We will construct infrastructure such as roads, water and power supply, and Internet access, and work to strengthen the ability of contiguous poor areas and persons in need to achieve development. National programs aimed at providing people with policy support and promoting people's wellbeing will be weighted toward poor areas. We will give stronger support to targeted poor areas, encourage the eastern region to help in the alleviation of poverty in the western region, and support nongovernmental participation in combatting poverty. Poverty reduction is a must, governments at all levels have made the pledge, and it must be accomplished both qualitatively and quantitatively within the timeframe set.

5. Carry out a new round of high-quality opening up and work to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation

In the face of profound changes in international economic cooperation and competition, and in response to the urgent need to improve the performance of and upgrade China's economy, we must open wider to the outside world with unwavering resolve. By doing so, we can strengthen new drivers of development, add new forces to propel reform forward, and create new competitive strengths for China.

-- We will work to secure solid progress in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative.

We will promote domestic regional development and opening up and international economic cooperation in a coordinated way, work with other countries and regions to build overland economic corridors and maritime cooperation hubs, and promote connectivity, economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchange. We will work to develop cooperative mechanisms for achieving compatibility in customs clearance procedures along the routes and build international logistics networks. We will promote the development of border economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones, and overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. With a commitment to achieving common development and shared growth through joint consultation, we will ensure that the Belt and Road Initiative creates bonds of peace, friendship, and common prosperity.

-- We will work to achieve greater industrial-capacity cooperation with other countries.

We will launch demonstration projects in accordance with the principle that enterprises should be the main actors, that government should provide support, and that operations should be market based. We will improve and implement related supporting fiscal, tax, and financial policies, establish an RMB overseas cooperation fund and make good use of bilateral industrial-capacity cooperation funds. We will promote greater use of Chinese equipment, technology, standards, and services in the international market, and help Chinese manufacturing brands gain international recognition.

-- We will develop innovative ways to promote foreign trade.

Faced with continuously weak foreign demand, we need to take a combination of measures to stop the decline in imports and exports.

First, we will move faster to improve and implement policies.

We will improve the structure of export tax rebate rates, ensure rebates are paid promptly and in full, and crack down on fraudulent claims. We will increase short-term export-credit insurance and provide export financing insurance for all insurable complete sets of equipment.

Second, we will encourage innovative business models.

We will expand trials in cross-border e-commerce, support enterprises in developing overseas warehouses for export products, and promote the development of enterprises that provide comprehensive foreign trade services.

Third, we will improve the trade mix.

We will launch trials to create innovative ways of developing trade in services, see that more cities become trendsetters in providing foreign outsourced services, and accelerate the development of foreign trade in cultural goods and services. We will further integrate and improve special customs regulation zones, and encourage processing trade to move to the central and western regions and extend to the medium-high end of the industrial chain.

Fourth, we will further facilitate trade.

We will see that the single window system is implemented for international trade nationwide. We will reduce the frequency of inspections for exports.

Fifth, we will adopt a more proactive import policy.

We will increase the import of advanced technology and equipment, key spare parts and components, and energy and raw materials in short supply in China.

-- We will work to make better use of overseas investment.

We will continue to relax market access restrictions on investment, further open the service sector and the general manufacturing sector, simplify procedures for establishing companies with overseas investment, and step up efforts to attract more investment. We will create new models of opening up for inland and border areas, develop new overseas-oriented industrial clusters, and encourage more overseas investment in the central and western regions. Pilot free trade zones will be established in more parts of the country. We will improve the systems and mechanisms for governing development zones. With these efforts, China's investment environment will become even more fair, transparent, and predictable, and China will be able to maintain strong appeal and serve as a favorite destination for overseas investment.



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