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East Coast Digs out after Epic Winter Storm
   2016-01-25 07:17:36    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Li Bin

Pedestrians walk across the street in snow in Manhattan of New York City, the United States, Jan. 23, 2016. The New York metropolitan region is being pummeled by a massive blizzard, forcing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue a travel ban that impacts roads and railways. [Photo: Xinhua/Li Muzi]

Millions of Americans are preparing to dig out of snow-packed cities and towns after a mammoth blizzard sacked the East Coast.

Our US correspondent He Fei has more.


Two major airports in the D.C. metropolitan area, Reagan National and Washington Dulles International, were completely closed on Sunday with all flights canceled.

Clean up efforts were at full force with workers clearing not just the runway but the different areas needed in order to operate the airport.

Chris Paolino is the spokesperson for Reagan International and Dulles International airports.

"No we have no flights at Reagan National or a Dulles International today. We're going to continue to work to clear the runways we'll re-evaluate the conditions both of the runways and the rest of the roadways and parking lots as the day goes on and hopefully be able to make a determination as to when we can get flights back in and out in the very near future."

In New York, a travel ban was lifted but city and state officials are urging residents to stay indoors for safety.

City workers were seen plowing and moving snow in a relatively empty Times Square.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city's emergency services were working hard to ensure public transport was up and running on Monday morning.

De Blasio praised the city's transportation authority for restoring services on Sunday.

"So, MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has done a great job, I commend the governor and the state and the MTA. They've got their service back. Of course, they kept the underground service going the whole way through, which was pivotal. Seven am bus service started to get restored, 9 am, some of the above ground subways started to get restored. Now we know this is going to take well into the day for service to get back more to normal, and of course it's weekend service."

He added that schools would also be open as normal on Monday morning.

In Philadelphia, residents were forced to dig out cars and lend a hand to neighbors after waking up to un-plowed streets.

"I think it's, well it's god it's nature but I wish it didn't come, it's a lot. I have two cars to dig out so it's a lot."

"I love it, but it's an inconvenience for everybody trying to get around, trying to dig their cars and stuff out but other than that, I'm enjoying it."

"I'm just helping them out, they help other people, they help us, so we got to help them. One hand washes the other hand sometimes."

Residents also helped to shovel out ambulances as they were stuck while responding to area emergencies.

The storm developed along the Gulf Coast, dropping snow over Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky on Friday.

On the East Coast, warm, moist air from the Atlantic Ocean collided with cold air to form the massive winter system.

The storm is forecast to move offshore near southern New England early this week.

For CRI, this is He Fei.



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