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Chinese and American College Students Meet in Shanghai
   2015-09-17 07:45:00    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Zhang Shuai

Participants take a group picture after the event From the University to the World in Shanghai, China on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's trip to the US next week, a new push is on to try to promote inter-personal ties.

To that end, CRI has sponsored an event in Shanghai to bring together college students from the US and China, which we've dubbed "From University to the World." Here is Wu You reporting from Shanghai.


"Actually I can see a lot of students are really involved in their studies and not as normal Chinese students imagine that parties and drugs and all that life."

"You know it's not easy for young people to find good job, to have a good career development in Shanghai, because you need to be very competitive, you need to do internships and you need to have good relations."

"I'd like to reply the question to that student which is why do you care if other people think you are weird. (applause) Do what you want."

From campus life to bilateral relations, ten Chinese and American students from Fudan University, Jiaotong University and New York University Shanghai have come together for a heated discussionbefore an audience of 300.

Public Affairs Section Chief at US Consulate General in Shanghai, Brian Gibel stresses academic exchanges are the dynamic force for positive transformation as they build mutual understanding.

"I think tonight was a good example of how important it is for Chinese people and Americans to come together on a people-to-people level, not just government-to-government. You have to go and see for yourself to really understand what a country is like. So we surely welcome Xi Jinping's visit to the United States and we look forward to US and China deepening their relations and moving forward in their global agenda."

He noted that currently, 275,000 Chinese are studying in the United States, more than twice as many as Indians which is second on the list. He also observed that through programmes like Fullbright, and President Obama's a hundred thousand-strong, the numbers and diversity of Americans who are coming to China has also been on an unprecedented increase.

Chancellor of New York University Shanghai, Yu Lizhong said through frequent exchanges, people might see they have more common grounds than they have realized and people have individual characteristics rather than just one stereotype. He believed college education has a big role to play.

"So how to learn from different culture and how to work together is a big topic in the age of globalized world. I really hope the live dialogue between Chinese students and American students can help us understand the culture, different culture."

The dialogue is also aired live online to NEWS Plus followers on social media platforms such as wechat, sina microblog, and sohu APP.

A similar dialogue between Chinese and American students from Middlebury College, Communication University of China, Renmin University and University of International Relations will be held in Beijing one week later. On the same day, President Xi Jinping will start his official state visit to the US.

For CRI, I'm Wu You reporting from Shanghai.



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