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Results of the First Questionnaire Targeting Sino-US College Students Released
   2015-09-16 18:01:58    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Luo Dan

US College Students Want to Learn Chinese Cooking, Chinese College Students Want to Watch Broadway Shows

°™°™Results of the First Questionnaire Targeting Sino-US College Students

In order to have a clear understanding of China and the United States from the perspectives of Chinese and American college students, NEWS Plus of China Radio International has designed and conducted a questionnaire targeting this special population. It is the first questionnaire by China's mainstream media that targets Chinese and American college students. The survey covers multiple aspects including the national image, cultural influence, social development and bilateral relations. Over 100 US college students and nearly 400 Chinese have been surveyed.

Pop culture awareness: Most US college students only know about the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, while Chinese students can speak with great familiarity about American TV series.

According to the survey, most US college students are unable to name even one Chinese movie or TV series that they like. Among the negligible number of students who can answer this question, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is the most mentioned.

On the contrary, asked about their favorite American programs, Chinese college students can name quite a few, including Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, Broke Girls, House of Cards, and the Fast and Furious franchise.

Life experiences: US college students want to learn how to make Chinese cuisine, while Chinese college students want to watch Broadway shows.

More than half of the questioned US students think Chinese cuisine is very delicious. One third of the US respondents think that Chinese cuisine offers a wide variety of culinary options. Learning how to make Chinese cuisine, ahead of Kung Fu and Chinese painting and calligraphy, has become the most popular Chinese skill that US college students want to master.

Over half of the questioned Chinese college students think American food is mainly fast food. Only 26% think there may be some tasty food in the United States. For Chinese college students, watching a Broadway show, visiting Disneyland or watching an NBA game are more attractive to them.

Brand influence: "Made in China" is impressive, yet Chinese brands have limited influence.

According to the survey, the ubiquitous "Made in China" products, instead of Chinatown or the Spring Festival, are the Chinese cultural symbols which have real impacts on US college students.
For Chinese college students, American elements seem to be more prevalent in their lives. Apple is the most mentioned US brand, followed by Nike and KFC.

Many of the questioned US college students say they are not familiar with Chinese brands. What they mention the most is Lenovo, followed by Alibaba and Air China. Huawei, Haier and Tencent are also mentioned by some US respondents.

Future development: The role of the United States is affirmed by Chinese college students. Friendship between China and the United States is within the expectations of US college students
Nearly 60% of the questioned Chinese college students think that the United States plays a positive role in the world, while 32% say they are not sure. Keywords which represent China the most are "populous nation" and "emerging power" for the US college students. 48% of the questioned US college students think China is a positive player promoting world development, while 41% are not sure.

About future Sino-US relations, US college students are more optimistic than their Chinese counterparts. 32% of US respondents and 10% of Chinese ones think China and the United States can become partners, while 46% of US respondents and 79% of their Chinese counterparts think the two countries will remain "both friends and rivals".




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