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Teresa Teng: the Idol of the Idols
   2015-05-08 07:34:34    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Ma

A tourist visits the Teresa Teng Museum in Kaohsiung, southeast China's Taiwan, May 5, 2015. Superstar Teng had enjoyed popularity in east Asia for more than three decades. After selling millions of records, the pop singer retired in France in the early 1990s and died in 1995. [Photo: Xinhua/Cai Yang] 


20 years have passed since Teresa Teng died from a severe asthma attack in Thailand, but her pleasant folk songs and romantic ballads as well as her sweet appearance are fondly remembered by millions of people in Asia and all over the world.

Among her fans are many famous singers and actors, including Faye Wong, Karen Mok, Sammi Cheung,Na Ying, Stefani Sun and Gigi Leung, as well as Andy Lau, Jay Choe, David Tao, Chyi Chin, Fei Yuqing, Aska Yang, Yoga Lin and even rock stars Zheng Jun and Cui Jian. She is a worthy idol.

Many of her songs became wildly popular in her lifetime and even now, they can still be heard everywhere from restaurants to shopping malls.

This song is Slow Walk along the Road of Life, which Andy Lau once produced a music video in memory of Teresa Teng by playing the intro of Teresa's version.

Faye Wong, known as the Chinese Pop Diva of few words, once expressed her gratitude towards Teng and said that she is her only idol.

Faye Wong cherished the memory of the beloved singer by posting a short message on her Weibo account on the anniversary of her death in 2013. She said: "Thank you for having been there. May your beauty live on."

Science and technology can not only change our lives, but it can also bring Teresa Teng back on stage. Taiwan pop singer Jay Chou performed with a hologram of the late star at his concert in Taipei in 2013.

The digitized Teng dressed in her characteristic white Chinese gown, sang her hit single, "What You Have to Say", along with two of Jay Chou's songs, "Red Tavern" and "Thousand Miles Away", which were produced after her death. Chou sang along in duet.

Jay Chou expressed his wish by typing on the screen at the concert: "I once imagined that if I could travel back in time to 30 years ago and sing a song with her, it would be great an honor."

Jay Chou is not the first singer to cooperate with the late diva via modern technolgy. Back in 2009, Fei Yuqing, a well-known singer and host from Taiwan, sang her song in a duet at the Moon Festival gala in Taipei.

Fei Yuqing once sang high praise for Teng using the lyrics in her song On the Other Side of the Water. "Deep green grass, endless white fog, a beautiful lady is on the other side of the water. Green grass thinning out, white fog getting blurry, a beautiful lady lives by the waterside."

"I am willing to go against the current, cuddling next to her. I am willing to go downstream to pursue her direction, as if vaguely seeing her stand in the middle of the water."

In a 2010 survey conducted by the Teresa Teng Foundation to determine Teng's most popular hits, "I Only Care about You" received the second-most votes. And Teresa herself admitted that out of her over 300 songs, it's her favorite because the song was written by her teacher who had passed away before her album was released.

"Hastily away any time, all I care about is just you." Here is a mixed version by Chyi Chin, Yoga Lin, Sammi Cheung, Stefani Sun, Na Ying, Gigi Leung, Zhang Ziyi and of course Teresa.

"Where does Wind Come from" is another sweet ballad of Teresa's which has also been covered by several divas including Faye Wong, Long Piaopiao and Gao Shengmei. Karen Mok's version with a little jazz taste is quite unique.

Mok once mentioned that while growing up, she had listened to Teresa Teng's songs every day.

Whenever Teresa is mentioned, "The Moon Represents My Heart" is usually the first song that comes to mind. The all-time popular mandarin song has been covered by many Chinese and non-Chinese singers since the 70's.

David Tao is a talented musician from Taiwan. He wrote a new song called Whose Heart does the Moon Represent, which contains the basic melody of Teng's original one. This is really a special sign of respect from David.

Yes, Teresa, if you ask me how much we love you. Think about it and you will feel that the moon represents our hearts.

Selected by Time Magazine as one of the world's top seven female vocalists in 1986, she is celebrated for the sincere and simple style that made her voice instantly recognizable not only when she sang in her native Mandarin Chinese, but also in Japanese and English.

And last but not least, Teresa, the idol of the idols, we would say Good bye My Love, you will be forever remembered in our hearts.         

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