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China Opens Training Center for Confucius Institute Teachers
   2015-04-10 20:56:58    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao Junya



"China opens training center for Confucius Institute teachers"

China's first training center for Confucius Institute teachers was established in a Beijing university on Thursday.

The center in Beijing Language and Culture University will provide language and culture training for teachers and volunteers of Confucius Institutes in different countries.

It is designed to train 3,500 teachers and volunteers each year.

Overseas branches will also be set up and online training will also be made available.

An important function of the center is to standardize the examination for those who want to teach Chinese to foreigners, a move to improve the quality of the teaching pool.

Deriving its name from the renowned educator and philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC), Confucius Institutes are non-profit institutions under China's Ministry of Education that aim to promote Chinese language and culture abroad.

China Daily

"China to build new digital publishing groups"

The Chinese government has published a document encouraging traditional publishing houses to expand their influence in cyberspace.

The document published yesterday proposed to build several digital publishing groups that are strong, influential and credible in three to five years.

The document said traditional and digital publications must complement each other and grow in an integrated way.

Advanced technology and channels must be employed to bring creativity and inject vitality into the integration.

It also proposed more government funding related to integration should be invested into the programs.

A statement by related authorities said the integration of traditional and digital publications was key to meeting the challenges brought about by the rapid development of information technology.

Los Angeles Times

"Researchers discover trick to regrowing lost hair"

A new research suggests a peculiar, and slightly painful, solution to hair loss.

In a paper published Thursday in the journal Cell, researchers say they provoked fur regeneration in mice by plucking hairs in a precise pattern and concentration.

Researchers say not only did the plucked hairs grow back, but new hairs sprouted nearby.

They added the growth occurred only when many hairs were pulled in an area slightly smaller than the diameter of a pencil eraser.

By varying the spacing, arrangement, and shapes of plucked regions, researchers unexpectedly found that plucking 200 hairs, with a proper distribution can cause up to 1,200 hairs to regenerate.

Researchers explain this unexpected hair growth probably is the result of "quorum sensing," the process by which cells communicate with one another chemically, alerting others to damage and requesting help.

The Guardian

"Online all the time ĘC average British household owns 7.4 internet devices"

The average British household now owns 7.4 internet devices, with four out of 10 households buying a tablet last year.

Smartphones are the most common internet-enabled device, followed by laptops and tablets.

The YouGov survey found some half of people said banking and finance was the area of their lives that would be most affected without the internet or mobile phone, followed by keeping up with current events, shopping and relationships with friends and family.

Meanwhile, other research in the newest Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Digital Adspend report, found digital advertising hit a record 7.2 billion pounds.

A researcher says advertisers are increasing their digital budgets to reach people as they go online through an increasing array of devices.



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