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Chinese Ready to Burn Paper iPhones in Tomb Sweeping Holiday
   2015-04-03 19:50:37    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Meng Xue



"Chinese ready to burn paper iPhones in Tomb Sweeping holiday"

In addition to the traditional paper money, paper cars, and attractive paper young women, paper iPhones have joined the most popular offerings in China's upcoming Tomb Sweeping holiday on Sunday.

Some sellers on Alibaba's Taobao and elsewhere are rushing to offer paper iPads, iPhones, chargers, and even an Apple Watch, leading to a groundswell of buzz among the public.

Some people reckon paper money and houses are a better gesture to the dead than a modern device that came out thirty years after they died, while others are saying it is the ritual that matters, rather than what are burnt.

As part of the upcoming holiday, or qing ming jie, families ritually burn paper versions of things the dead may find useful in the afterlife.

The holiday shopping rush is happening on Taobao. Alibaba generally, and Taobao in particular, are the epicenter of every holiday that involves buying stuff in China.

China News Service

"Railway authorities mull guide dog policies"

China's railway authorities are considering policies to allow visually impaired passengers to board trains with their guide dogs.

A Beijing Youth Daily report says registration of guide dogs began prior to the introduction of the new policy, which is expected in the near future.

A department of the China Disabled Persons' Federation has organized a seminar with railway authorities, the China Blind Person Association and guide dog owners and trainers.

The seminar was held following reports that a visually impaired passenger and his guide dog were prohibited from boarding a train in Nanjing.

Huang Xin, director of the operations department of the transportation bureau at the China Railway Corporation, said the department will work with the CDPF to accelerate the pace of policy-making.

Visually impaired piano tuner Chen Yan, who owns a guide dog and attended the seminar, says a well-trained guide dog will not attack people.

Live Science (US)

"Cleaning with Bleach May Lead to Childhood Infections"

A splash of bleach can kill germs on a kitchen counter, but it may also cause health problems in children, a new study says.

Researchers found a link between a weekly use of bleach in the home and the frequency of infections, particularly respiratory ones.

According to the findings, children in the study who lived in homes or went to schools where bleach was used for cleaning had higher rates of influenza, tonsillitis and other infections, compared with kids who weren't exposed to bleach.

It is concluded that passive exposure to bleach was associated with a 20 per cent increase in the risk of flu in the previous year.

The increased risk of infection was modest, but the findings published online are said to likely spur further research into health effects linked to the cleaning agent.


"U.S. to halt expanded use of some insecticides amid honey bee decline"

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday it was unlikely to approve new or expanded uses of certain pesticides while it evaluates the risks they may pose to honey bees.

The so-called neo-nicotinoid pesticides are routinely used in agriculture and applied to plants and trees in gardens and parks.

But their widespread use has come under scrutiny in recent years after a drop in the number of honey bees and other pollinating insects, which play key roles in food production.

The decline is attributed to factors including pesticide and herbicide use, habitat loss and disease, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The EPA notice came the day after Oregon's largest city suspended the use of the pesticides on its property to protect honey bees.



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