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World Lights Up for Autism Awareness Day
   2015-04-02 19:48:59    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Meng Xue


China News Service

"Millennial temple's advertising for new media talents goes viral"

A 1,500-year-old Buddhist temple has become a hit online after an advertisement recruiting new media talents received more than a million clicks, and 4,000 applications worldwide within five days.

The advertisement, which combines music, cartoons and humorous wording, was posted by Donghua Zen Temple in Shaoguan City of south China's Guangdong Province.

It offers eight posts, including application operation, user interface design, new media communication and IT maintenance.

It was first posted five days ago on the temple's official account on Wechat, China's most popular social network and went viral through retweets.

The ad reads "Half a month in the forest relaxing your nerves and half a month in the city. Easy, flexible, full of freedom, what are you waiting for? Our Buddha needs you!".

Yahoo News

"World lights up for Autism Awareness Day"

Buildings and famous landmarks around the world will be lit with blue lights to bring awareness to World Autism Day, which is today.

Marking World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, advocates are arguing more autism-specific employment services are needed.

Advocates are pushing for young people diagnosed with autism to receive more targeted support in their hunt for full-time work.

While youth unemployment is high across the board, more than half of Australia's young people with high functioning autism are out of work.

Most - an estimated 80% - of adults with autism aren't employed largely because of a lack of vocational training, not enough support with job placements and discrimination.

At the same time however, there is research to suggest that people with autism can be good employees because they are good at recognizing patterns, reasoning and are able to focus greater attention to detail.


"Mediterranean Sea 'accumulating zone of plastic debris'"

Scientists say large quantities of plastic debris are building up in the Mediterranean Sea.

A survey found around one thousand tonnes of plastic floating on the surface, mainly fragments of bottles, bags and wrappings.

The Mediterranean Sea's biological richness and economic importance means plastic pollution is particularly hazardous, according to Spanish researchers.

Plastic has been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, turtles and whales.
Very tiny pieces of plastic have also been found in oysters and mussels grown on the coasts of northern Europe.

A high abundance of plastic has also been found in other seas, including the Bay of Bengal, South China Sea and Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean.

Shanghai Daily

"College students apologize for torturing kitten to death"

Two male college students majoring in animal sciences in Sichuan Province have apologized after a video clip showing them torturing a kitten to death went viral online.

Their school, Sichuan Agricultural University, said it was "shocked" by their behavior and would punish the duo according to campus regulations.

The video clip was posted online yesterday. It started with one student strangling the kitten. The animal tried to escape but failed. Later the other one grabbed the kitten's head while the other pulled its body in the opposite direction, killing it.

The online post attached to the video said the students bought the kitten several days ago but had decided to return it and get a refund. They became angry after being refused and killed the cat for revenge, according to the post.



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