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University Develops Handwriting Input for Uygur, Tibetan Languages
   2015-04-01 20:57:30    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Meng Xue


"Internet firms to be punished over violent content"

China will punish Internet companies including Tencent and Youku for hosting videos suspected of containing violence and pornography, which it said causes juvenile delinquency.

Yesterday the Ministry of Culture said on its website the offending material is primarily Japanese animation on the video streaming websites of Tencent, Youku, iQiyi, Sohu.com and LeTV.

The ministry's animation "blacklisting" is part of a broader campaign to control Internet content. That includes eradicating material deemed damaging to society and the Communist Party.

According to the ministry, the titles in question "Blood-C," "Terror in Resonance" and "Highschool of the Dead" include scenes of violence, pornography, terrorism and crimes against public morality.

The ministry said it would dispatch agencies to carry out punishment. It did not detail what that punishment would be.

The ministry told the Internet firms to enhance their mechanism for content approval.


"Japan firm engineers tear-less onions"

The sobbing of a chef as he chops onions in the kitchen could be a thing of the past thanks to one Japanese company, which says it has produced a tear-free vegetable.

Scientists say they have managed to disable the production of a powerful substance an onion releases as the knife slices into it, cutting down on the pungent fumes that bring tears to the eyes.

House Foods Group said in a press release that they bombarded the brown bulb with irradiating ions in a process that drastically reduces the level of a certain chemical substance that is key to this process.

A spokesman said no decision had yet been made on whether they would commercialise their tear-free onions.


"Blood test to detect life-threatening reactions to peanuts and shellfish developed"

A new blood test which can predict life-threatening reactions to peanuts and shellfish has been developed.

The test promises to flag up people in most danger of exposure to a particular food, including the common allergens cows' milk, eggs and wheat.

At the moment doctors typically use skin prick tests to test for allergies.

They measure levels of a protein known as sIgE (allergen-specific IgE) which is made by the immune system.

But they cannot predict the severity of reactions.

Patients can also be asked to eat a potential allergen under medical supervision C a procedure known as a 'food challenge' - but this can sometimes trigger a severe reaction.


University develops handwriting input for Uygur, Tibetan languages

Xidian University in Shaanxi Province has developed handwriting input for the Uygur and Tibetan languages, which are used by millions of ethnic minorities in China, after seven years of research and development.

Lu Chaoyang, who is in charge of development, said the project is important for adapting technology for minority languages and for the protection of minority history and culture.

A university professor says Uygur writing is quite complicated and the Tibetan language is completely different from Western alphabet-based systems.

With the help of 200 Uygur and Tibetan teachers and students, the research and development team has established a massive database of character components.

The input methods are currently under internal testing. Android mobile phone users will be able to download the application soon.



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