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Top European Beers to Show Calorie Count
   2015-03-30 20:15:21    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Meng Xue

Global Times

"Self-driving cars to be on market in 5 years"

Self-driving technology for vehicles is expected to be ready for mass production in five years.

Elon Musk, CEO of US premium electric car producer Tesla Motors revealed this during the Boao Forum on Sunday.

Musk has expressed high expectations for self-driving vehicles. On March 17, he publicly wrote on his Twitter account that "when self-driving cars become safer than human-driven cars, the public may outlaw the latter, but hopefully not."

China's Internet giant Baidu is also carving out territories for self-driving technology, though it is still at an experimental stage and is expected to be tried out on a highway at the end of 2015.

Last September, Baidu said on its website it aims to develop a semi-automonous vehicle in three years in partnership with BMW.

Sky News Australia

"Top European beers to show calorie count"

Beer drinkers in Europe will soon be able to find out the calorie count on their drinks after four of the world's biggest brewers announced that they will list the information.

The Brewers of Europe, a trade association, said Carlsberg, Heineken, AB Inbev and SABMiller have all backed the plan.

They said the move will show beer is not necessarily the waist-expanding drink it is thought to be, and allow consumers to compare calories with wine and spirits.

The group said they want Europe's consumers to know the ingredients in beer and how these beers can fit within a balanced lifestyle.

They agree with consumer groups that citizens would benefit from having access to the ingredients and nutrition information, allowing them to compare like-for-like facts with all the other beverages available to them, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic.

China Daily

"Rape laws should cover male victims"

A draft amendment to the criminal law to revise the definition of sexual assault from "indecent acts toward women and children" to "indecent acts toward others" has gained widespread attention, as many see it as an extension of justice to protect males, who could also be victims of "indecent acts".

Jia Jian, a legal expert said similar amendments should be made to "rape victims", which should not just refer to women. Jia suggested that the gender-neutral term "others" replace "women" and "children" replace "girls" in the definition of rape victims.

It is a societal expectation that victims of rape are women. However, men can also be rape victims.

There have been many reports of male-on-male sexual assault and rape in recent years. However, these victims cannot turn to the criminal law for help because their cases don't fit the legal definition of rape.

Furthermore, teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 18 have been involved in sexual assault and rape cases by their teachers, and there is no law to protect such boys or to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Telegraph

"Nepotism has more impact than ever on job market"

The CEO of Debrett's says nepotism has a greater impact now than ever before, as a study shows seven in every ten young Britons use family connections to get their first foot on the career ladder.

Joanne Milner said that while family favours and connections had always had a place in boosting the privileged, their importance was ever-growing in "intern Britain".

The study reveals a quarter of young people believe a double-barrelled surname would secure them a better internship.

Pupils from private schools were twice as likely to get prestigious internships in London, while 72 per cent of would-be interns admit using family connections to secure placements.

The study was based on a survey of 3,000 young British workers aged 16 to 25, with a further 2,000 people aged 30-plus also offering their experiences.



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