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International Companies Active in Selling China Green Technologies
   2015-02-04 11:27:56    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

A meeting on green and low carbon transformational development was being convened in Beijing on Friday, January 30, 2015. Guy Saint-Jacques, Canada's ambassador to China (2nd from right), is one of the panelists who joined the discussion. [Photo: cri.cn]

Anchor: As China steps up its efforts in environmental protection, a host of international companies see it a good opportunity to promote and sell their green technology to China.


At a conference held recently in Beijing to discuss green and low carbon development in China, ambassadors from both Canada and Austria have been active in promoting their respective environmentally-friendly technology.

Xu Fei has more.

Reporter: The International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association, an international non-governmental organization specializing in sustainable development between the economy and environment, has convened its annual conference recently with an aim of disseminating low-carbon ideas all over the world.

The meeting was joined by foreign diplomats, who wish to share their countries' successful experiences in environmental protection.

And more importantly, they treat the meeting as a great platform on which they could introduce and also promote their advanced technologies to China. Guy Saint-Jacques, Canada's ambassador to China, is one of them.

"What we have been trying to do in terms of the bilateral cooperation is also to try to transfer the technology that we have developed in Canada. I had the discussions with NDRC to present the results of our first commercial coal fire plant that captures 90 percent of CO2. There's obviously a lot of interest. And we are trying in China to put together the utilities that have coal fire generation to work together with oil companies because the CO2 that could be extracted from the emissions could then be used to enhance the oil recovery in the conventional oil plants."

Irene Giner-Reichl, the Austrian ambassador to China, said at the meeting that she has noticed China's continued commitment to renewable energy investment after she read a 2014 report on world renewable energy.

China has increased its investments in renewable nearly every year for the past ten years, even in the face of a global decline in renewable energy investment.

With a clear picture in mind about China's demand in energy conservation, the Austrian ambassador introduced their success in green technology development.

"We have very good building codes in Austria favoring zero energy houses, which have become very popular. We have government subsidies for solar heating home systems and for retrofitting all the buildings for energy efficiency. And the Austrian companies, many of whom are also operating here in China, are world leaders in environmental technologies, hydropower, waste water treatment and many other urban technologies."

At the end, the ambassador also expressed she would be happy to follow up with interested parties.

Canada and Austria are neither the first nor the last nations that wish to boost green-tech sales to China as more and more international players realize the big chance of green economy as well as China's determination to be on the forefront of green technology.

China is now home to about 24 percent of the world's renewable power capacity, including an estimated 260 gigawatts of hydropower.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.



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