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Alcohol Not A Good Sleeping Aid
   2015-01-19 19:45:29    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Guo



Official blames smoked bacon for smog

While experts point to car emissions and city construction for causing foul air, a government official in southwest China's Dazhou city has laid the blame on people making smoked bacon.

The city of Dazhou in Sichuan province has endured heavy smog since the New Year began, with the PM 2.5 reading frequently exceeding healthy levels.

Rao Bing, deputy head of Dazhou Environment Protection Bureau, said earlier this month that one of the causes of the city's lingering smog is smoking bacon, a traditional method of preserving pork by local residents.

Eating preserved pork and sausages is a long-held tradition in Sichuan, and almost every household makes smoked bacon before the Chinese lunar New Year.

Local chengguan, or public civil servants, have started to raid and forcibly demolish meat-smoking sites.


Another player found dead at Internet cafe

A man has been found dead slumped in his seat at an Internet cafe in Taiwan's Kaohsiung city after a three-day gaming binge.

It was the second such case this year.

Doctors confirmed he had suffered cardiac failure, ruling it a "sudden death" from prolonged computer gaming.

It was not clear what the man was playing at the time of his death, with the report describing it only as "combat computer games."

On January 1, a 38-year-old man was found dead at an Internet cafe in New Taipei City after playing video games for five days straight.

Police said that in both cases other patrons appeared nonchalant about the deaths, continuing to play even when tables were cordoned off for investigators to gather evidence.

NEWS 24 (South Africa)

Zimbabwe to sell elephants

Zimbabwe's government says it must export elephants to raise funds for wildlife management.

According to the National Parks Service conservation, about 60 elephants will be sold for a price between 40-thousand and 60-thosuand US dollars each to China, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Conservationists say they are concerned by how the animals were rounded up, with calves separated from their mothers. They also questioned the conditions in which the animals are kept in Zimbabwe and abroad.

The Zimbabwean government has blamed poor profits in the tourism industry on an American ban on sport-hunted elephant trophies.

French representatives of Cites, the international body monitoring endangered species, and the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe said they were unaware of the sale. Cites in the UAE says the country is expecting a family of seven elephants.


Alcohol not a good sleeping aid

A study has found that drinking before sleep results in an increase in frontal alpha power in the brain, a development which is associated with disturbed sleep.

For individuals who drink before sleeping, alcohol initially acts as a sedative ĘC marked by the delta frequency electroencephalogram (EEG) activity of Slow Wave SleepĘC but is later associated with sleep disruption.

For the study, the team recruited 24 participants, healthy 18- to 21-year-old social drinkers who had consumed less than seven standard drinks per week during the previous 30 days.

Each participant underwent two conditions: pre-sleep alcohol as well as a placebo followed by standard polysomnography (a multi-parametric test used in the study of sleep) with comprehensive EEG recordings.

Researchers say the take-home message here is that alcohol is not actually a particularly good sleep aid even though it may seem like it helps you get to sleep quicker.



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