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Panda Center Facing Scrutiny
   2015-01-16 19:49:21    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Guo



Xi's advice to youngsters on dealing with stress draws debate

Chinese President Xi Jinping has advised young people to avoid staying up late or becoming too stressed at work when meeting the country's county-level officials.

The advice has drawn heated response from Internet users on microblog Weibo after the anecdote and video were posted on People's Daily's official account.

In the video, Xi recalled the huge pressures county officials must bear, speaking from experience as a county Party chief early in his career.
The post has elicited more than 8-thosuand "thumbs-up" by microbloggers and attracted many comments.

User Linxiaojianxia endorsed Xi's advice saying it is true that "We should leave whatever is unfinished by midnight to the next day."

A microblogger "Mengxie" who expressed discontent with her own job, "No one wants to stay up late working, but it happens if you choose the wrong job."


Panda center facing scrutiny

Questions have been raised about the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, which has been earning money by displaying rescued pandas - some of which later became sick and have since died.

It has been reported that the center saved eight seriously injured pandas in the wild and then put them on display in a cage at the center.

The report says that the pandas should be sent back to the wild after they have recovered and questioned whether the center is suitable for keeping wild animals.

Four of the rescued pandas have been diagnosed with distemper, a highly contagious virus, and two of them have since died.

It has been confirmed that the center kept 25 pandas before the epidemic, eight of which were rescued by the center from the wild after they were seriously injured.


Authorities investigate Maryland parents who let kids walk home alone

A Maryland couple that believes in "free-range parenting" said they are being investigated for child neglect after police picked up their children, ages 6 and 10, walking home alone from a park.

The children were returned to their home and police reportedly talked to the parents about the dangers of the world.

The parents said they would not let their son and daughter walk home alone if they didn't think they were ready.

Also, a local child protective agency reportedly followed up and forced the parents to sign a safety plan acknowledging that they would not let the kids go out unsupervised. The parents resisted at first, but the agency threatened that if they refused, the kids would be removed from the home. They later signed the plan.

The agency, which does not comment on current investigations, reportedly followed up and began an investigation, requesting to examine the house and even interviewing the children at school.


Stress is 'barrier to feeling empathy for strangers'

Stress is the reason why we find it hard to empathize with someone we do not know, researchers suggest.

In separate tests in mice and people, empathy towards strangers increased when stress hormones were blocked by a drug.

Playing a fun video game with a stranger was found to have a similar effect to the drug.

The Canadian and American research team published their findings in Current Biology.

Previous studies have shown that the ability to feel or share someone else's pain is not something unique to humans. Mice can feel empathy too.

But in both species, empathy is stronger between those that recognize each other and all but absent between those unfamiliar with each other.

Stress levels have also been shown to rise in both mice and people in the presence of strangers.



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