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Authorities Cleaning up China's Internet
   2015-01-14 20:35:31    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Gao Junya


Authorities cleaning up China's Internet

According to the national cyberspace watchdog China has closed 50 websites and social media accounts for violations.

Authorities shut 17 public pages on the mobile social messaging app WeChat, as well as 24 websites and nine channels or columns on websites.

Some of the offenses listed include publishing fake information under the guise of the government or media, and publishing information related to gambling or fraud.

By last autumn, the cyberspace watchdog had closed nearly 1.8 million accounts on social networking and instant messaging services since launching an anti-pornography campaign earlier in the year.

Internet authorities have been pressing for a real identity system since 2011.

China has more than 275 million users of microblogs, with Sina Weibo leading the pack, and 459 million users of mobile messaging apps, led by WeChat.


UK scientists say cancer deaths could be 'eliminated by 2050'

Scientists say cancer deaths in the UK could be "eliminated" within 35 years for anyone under 80 if patients have better access to prevention measures and treatment.

But in a report they said investment in cancer care must increase and questioned restricting access to medicines, while urging the NHS to do more to encourage patients' awareness of minor symptoms that could indicate cancer and lead to early diagnosis.

It follows a government announcement that is to stop funding 25 cancer treatments through the Cancer Drugs Fund as part of efforts to cut its projected costs by 80 million pounds.

Deaths from the four most lethal cancers - breast, lung, bowel and prostate - had fallen by 30% between 1991 and 2012.

Over 300-thousand people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year.


Long work hours and alcohol abuse linked

A new international study finds that too much work and too much wine go together like biscuits and cheese.

Employees who work more than 48 hours a week are 11 percent more likely to over consume alcohol than those who work a standard week, Finnish researchers say.

The study looked at more than 300-thosuand people in Australia, Europe and North America.

However, no differences were seen between men and women.

Risky alcohol consumption is considered as more than 14 drinks a week for women and more than 21 drinks a week for men.

About 20 percent of Australians drink at levels that put them at risk of lifetime harm from injury or disease.

Drinking alcohol can affect the liver or cause brain damage, heart disease, high blood pressure and increases the risk of many cancers



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